Yoga of Love

A gift of healing and reconnecting with yourself

Yoga is meant to be nurturing

These days there are many styles of yoga to choose from, which I consider a great thing. In its essence yoga is supposed to bring body, mind, and spirit into unity and there are likely as many ways of bringing this about as there are people on the planet – each person is unique and has their own way of re-connecting with themselves.

I am grateful that, for almost twenty years, I have been practicing yoga and meditation in many different forms, all of which have been helpful to me on my path of healing and growth. I have practiced hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, zen meditation, writing meditation, womb yoga, yoga nidra and many others. Each modality and what I’ve learned from it has brought me closer to this union with my whole self.

I am here to offer you a gift that comes from my own experience and my heart’s desire to facilitate experiences for you that will help you heal and grow – at your own pace, in your own unique way.

What is Yoga of Love?

Yoga of Love is an intuitive approach rooted in my deep connection with the Divine Mother who calls us to remember who we are through Love.

Yoga of Love is held within a healing space of light and love, which allows you to feel safe and let go of what no longer serves you. In this safe and nurturing environment you then learn to reconnect with your body, drop into your heart, be more gentle and nurturing to yourself, rediscover and let yourself fall in love with all of you.

Yoga of Love is like a beaded necklace where the string is the energetic support the Divine Mother and I offer you and the beads are different practices that I share, and the whole necklace is here to help you heal and grow. These practices include, but are not limited to, breath awareness, body movement, sound, dance, guided imagery and other meditations.

Yoga of Love is open to all, though I do also hold women-only classes and workshops, where emphasis is on awakening and honoring the Divine Feminine essence that dwells within. All classes are small and intimate, held in a beautifully supportive space. I offer regular classes, workshops, and private sessions in Zagreb, Croatia, and retreats in various parts of Croatia .

If you feel drawn to experience Yoga of Love, write to me, please, using the form below. I will be happy to respond to you in the shortest amount of time possible.

I have recently taken up yoga with Branka and I love it. Yoga relaxes me, and it is also beneficial to my back problems! It’s great both for the body, mind and soul.
— Lucija

My evening yoga classes with Branka have become a peak of the day! They calm me down, stretch me, and make me ready for the night!
— Ivona

Regular Classes

Mondays and Thursdays from 18:40-19:40, Zagreb, Croatia. For all who want a continuous immersion into Yoga of Love to enrich their life. Always welcoming newcomers. More info through form below or email me at

Private Sessions

Your hour to heal, grow, and reconnect with your heart, while being held in the healing energy of light and love. You may choose to work with me or directly with the Divine Mother, as channeled through me. More info through form below or email me at


A one-time event or a cycle of events focused on a particular theme, for example awakening and honoring the Divine Feminine within. Upcoming workshops can be found in the Yoga of Love Schedule below.

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One day a friend shared an invite through Fb to a Kundalini Yoga class in my neighborhood. Without any hesitation, I accepted the challenge – to do something for my soul and my body. It wasn’t even hard to get up early in order to arrive to the class at 7 am. After my first class with Branka I felt calm and peaceful and, most importantly, I felt content! My body and my soul appreciated that I’ve taken the time to do something for them. I fell in love with these yoga classes so much that every time I don’t go, I feel I’ve missed a chance to do something wonderful for my soul. I’ve learned a lot through yoga and have gained greater peace and patience. I am so happy with the way my wonderful teacher Branka shares her knowledge and teaches me to practice yoga.
— Dina

Yoga of Love Schedule

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