Meditation to Feel Your Sea Goddess Power

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Meditation to Feel Your Sea Goddess Power Wow, this meditation packs quite a punch! As Mother and I co-created it, the energy was so strong coming through, it blew me away. An amazing, powerful journey to feel your Sea Goddess power!   About The Sea Goddesses Program Meditations This is the fourth of five free meditations that I will be … Read More

Meditation to Connect with Your Curiosity

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Meditation to Connect with Your Curiosity and Expand into the Big Blue This meditation is a bubbling, sparkling, expansive bundle of joy. Mother Mary comes through to help you connect with your inner child, who takes you on a journey of seeing the world through her eyes. You end up, where else, but deep within your own heart.   About … Read More

Book Signing Event

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The Lady of the Sea Book Signing Event Friday, May 11th at 6 pm Public Library Savica, Ljerke Šram 4, Zagreb Free public book signing event presenting the novel The Lady of the Sea by Branka Valcic. The Lady of the Sea is a story about an island, tradition, and the power of omens. It is a story about a young … Read More

Enjoying the Writing Process

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Croatian Adriatic Branka Valcic

Would you like to do what you love and share it with the world? If you love writing there is nothing stopping you from expressing yourself through a written word, and enjoying the writing process too. Yes, there are old beliefs, but let’s break out of a couple of them here and now. First, we don’t need to suffer to … Read More

Anyone Can Write – Start Today With a Word SUNSET

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Sun setting over islands on the Adriatic

In 1986 Natalie Goldberg’s book Writing Down the Bones was published making a bold statement that anyone who writes is a writer, thus challenging the paradigm that writing is for a chosen few. I love this, and actually firmly believe that anyone with a burning desire in their heart not only can write, but that they owe it to themselves … Read More