You are Worthy of Your Touch

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To deepen self-love, next time we feel pain in the body, we can touch and caress this part of our body with the same gentleness and tenderness we would touch a freshly budding leaf, a flower, a puppy, a baby or whatever else we might see as precious, beautiful, adorable, worthy of our gentle, kind touch. Let’s include ourselves into … Read More

Take a Rest

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We often think we need less rest than we actually do. By tuning into the wisdom of our bodies we can rest when and how much we need. It’s all right to rest. In fact, it’s necessary. Listening to our body we rest when we need to. We can always continue on…   ~~~ Photo by Austin Schmid on Unsplash

Honoring Our Boats

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Gratitude to Boats I wish to extend gratitude to all the boats around the world. They are our vessels into the nurturing, supportive, powerful, beautiful, magical realm of the sea. Like the sea, boats also have a very supportive energy. Boats help us experience the sea in new ways. Boats help us fulfill our dreams, feed our soul, and answer the … Read More

Meditation to Open Your Heart with Mother Mary

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Meditation to Open Your Heart with Mother Mary Gentle, yet powerful meditation to open your heart. Universal Mother Mary says that the journey of a sea goddess is a journey into the heart. Here, she supports you as you journey into your own heart. Allow yourself to feel the love from your own heart spread, in amazing, beautiful, healing waves, … Read More

Meditation to Feel Your Sea Goddess Power

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Meditation to Feel Your Sea Goddess Power Wow, this meditation packs quite a punch! As Mother and I co-created it, the energy was so strong coming through, it blew me away. An amazing, powerful journey to feel your Sea Goddess power!   About The Sea Goddesses Program Meditations This is the fourth of five free meditations that I will be … Read More

Meditation to Connect with Your Curiosity

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Meditation to Connect with Your Curiosity and Expand into the Big Blue This meditation is a bubbling, sparkling, expansive bundle of joy. Mother Mary comes through to help you connect with your inner child, who takes you on a journey of seeing the world through her eyes. You end up, where else, but deep within your own heart.   About … Read More