Sea goddesses

A gift of connecting to your own heart-centered power

True power comes from the heart

A week-long immersion for women aboard a sailing vessel, learning skills and deepening your confidence to think and act independently on a boat, while at the same time dropping into your heart to listen deeply to your own wisdom.

For a very long time in most of the world, it was men who were sailors. This is shifting, although very slowly. It is my deep desire to help with this shift because I believe that for masculine-feminine balance to be re-established in the world, women need to own their innate power, the power that comes from an open heart and our connection with our own Divine Feminine essence.

As a woman who has sailed next to a man for many years, I know what it takes to break free from the mold. I have done it and so can you. As we transform within ourselves the old beliefs, the world changes - one woman, one man at a time.

Our journey will take place on my 34-foot sailing boat Adria Brava. The boat will be our home for six nights, starting in Adria’s home port of Zadar, Croatia, journeying through the central part of the Croatian Adriatic, and back to Zadar. The emphasis is not on miles covered but on what we learn on our journey.

An Eye on the Journey

Day 1 Opening the Door
  • Arrival between 10-12 o'clock
  • Starting to develop the feeling for the boat as a vessel that carries us across the sea
  • Diving into the group energy
  • Preparing ourselves for the journey, both inward and outward
  • A welcoming ritual
Day 2 Stepping into Action
  • Taking a collective breath in and departing the port of Zadar
  • Traveling to a destination
  • Starting to connect to the feeling of the sea, the wind, and the sun around us, feeling their nourishment, the support they provide, and the power they carry
Day 3-5 Journeying Within and Across the Sea
  • Continuing to develop the feeling of the boat as a vessel that carries us across the sea
  • Basking in the magnificence of the sea’s embrace, the sun's warmth on our bodies, the magic of the night sky pouring over us
  • Learning and practicing boat and leadership skills, while tapping into the amazing power of our hearts
  • Learning to take an amazing care of our amazing selves, our boat, and our group
Day 6Integrating the Experience
  • Letting a collective breath out and returning to the port of Zadar
  • Giving due care with gratitude to our vessel that has carried us across the sea
  • Integrating the experience within, individually and as a group
  • A closing ritual
Day 7

Closing One Door, Opening Another

  • Departure in the morning hours
  • Stepping forward into our lives, carrying deep within us the gifts of our journey

No experience on boats is necessary. The only requirement I have is that, as you journey across the sea, you are open to allow yourself to also journey within.

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Sea Goddesses

If you feel the call of the sea and a burning desire in your heart to own your innate heart-centered power, to learn to act and think independently on a boat, while being completely supported by the beautiful feminine energy of the group, the sea, and the Divine Mother, join me in The Sea Goddesses Program Immersion.

Adria Brava is an amazing boat and I am thrilled to be sharing her with you. However, she is not a luxurious vessel and cabins on her are not very big. If you feel you need your own space, a single-cabin option will be best suited for you. To share a cabin on Adria Brava means to be in quite close quarters with another woman. Perhaps there is a friend or a family member you would like to share this journey with? If so, shared-cabin option may be for you. The shared-cabin option may also be for you, if you are on a tighter budget and do not mind sharing your sleeping space with someone else.

Program Immersion prices*

Single Cabin


Shared Cabin


* Includes tuition, food cooked on the boat, and accommodation on the boat.
This program will not earn you any certificates, but will bring you a whole lot of skill, confidence, and a new way you see and apply yourself in the world. Note that this is not a luxury cruise.

I have more than twenty years of experience on boats, both in the Croatian Adriatic and in the North Atlantic off the coast of Scotland. I have spent months at a time on board a sailing vessel, both with my husband and alone

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Reserving your place among Sea Goddesses

Application Process

If the Sea Goddesses program is calling you, send me a note through the form below. Let me know if you have any questions and why you are interested in the Sea Goddesses program. I will get back to you with answers to your questions and an application to fill out.

Once you’ve sent me back the application and you are accepted into the program, I will send you information to make a deposit payment of 190 €. You will be able to pay either directly to my account, or through PayPal, using either your PayPal account or your credit card. Once the payment has gone through, your spot on Adria Brava will be waiting for you! The remaining balance will be due two weeks before the start of the journey. There is a discount of €100 for bookings made and paid in full two months before the start of the journey.

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