Mother Mary's

Circle of Love

A co-creation for more Love and Peace on Earth

Mother Mary's

Circle of Love

Mother Mary’s Circle of Love is a community of beings who have answered the call of the Divine Mother to work together to bring more love and light to Earth and all who live here.

We meet in online live gatherings to consciously contribute to humanity’s evolution towards oneness consciousness, help heal deep wounds of humanity, and support the Earth in her evolution.

Come add your beautiful uniqueness and join us in helping to birth the Earth on which beings live in love and peace.

Day 1 Opening the Door
  • Arrival between 10-12 o'clock
  • Starting to develop the feeling for the boat as a vessel that carries us across the sea
  • Diving into the group energy
  • Preparing ourselves for the journey, both inward and outward
  • A welcoming ritual
Day 2 Stepping into Action
  • Taking a collective breath in and departing the port of Zadar
  • Traveling to a destination
  • Starting to connect to the feeling of the sea, the wind, and the sun around us, feeling their nourishment, the support they provide, and the power they carry
Day 3-5 Journeying Within and Across the Sea
  • Continuing to develop the feeling of the boat as a vessel that carries us across the sea
  • Basking in the magnificence of the sea’s embrace, the sun's warmth on our bodies, the magic of the night sky pouring over us
  • Learning and practicing boat and leadership skills, while tapping into the amazing power of our hearts
  • Learning to take an amazing care of our amazing selves, our boat, and our group
Day 6Integrating the Experience
  • Letting a collective breath out and returning to the port of Zadar
  • Giving due care with gratitude to our vessel that has carried us across the sea
  • Integrating the experience within, individually and as a group
  • A closing ritual
Day 7

Closing One Door, Opening Another

  • Departure in the morning hours
  • Stepping forward into our lives, carrying deep within us the gifts of our journey

Mother Mary's

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How the Circle works

Mother Mary’s Circle of Love works on many levels. Our souls and spirits work together and a lot of this work we may or may not be aware of. Our conscious efforts come together through co-creating and sharing love and light as a Circle in live online gatherings.

Divine Mother Mary guides the work of this Circle. Many other Beings of Love and Light from the Spirit realms, including angels, spirit guides, and ascended masters, join our live gatherings and are here to assist and co-create with the Circle at any time.


Live Online Gatherings

Mother Mary's Circle of Love meets online every two months - February, April, June, August, October, and December, for a live gathering led by Mother Mary channeled through Branka Valcic.

Live gatherings of the Circle are recorded and each recording is a beautiful evolving co-creation of love and light, operating beyond boundaries of space and time, expanding every time someone chooses to work through it.


Recorded Co-creations

of love and light

Joining Mother Mary's

Circle of Love

Joining Mother Mary's Circle of Love and participation in live events is free. An opportunity to support Branka's work financially comes through the annual subscription to recorded co-creations. To join, just click on the button below and fill in your details. When you join the Circle, you will be added to the Mother Mary's Circle of Love e-mail list to receive information about Circle's live gatherings.



from the Circle
Dear Branka, thank you so much for this beautiful channeling and meditation. I have felt everything deeply and intesively, and it all realized itself immediately. Mother Mary, Jesus, Quan Yin, and Mary Magdalene were so close to me, that I could barely hold it. When I was releasing my pain, I could literally feel the pain in my hands, especially in my thumbs, and the pain flowed through them to Jesus. Transformation was wonderful.

When we embraced all beings and healed the wounds of humanity, it was so powerful that I almost couldn’t stand it. I believe that we have activated a lot of love on our planet, and I hope we will work more on this.

— Ana Korosec
A deep experience of beautiful energies where healing occurs in the presence of blessed love! I felt a very strong presence of Mother Mary's energy, joy in my heart, gratitude, and love towards nature and all of life. It was very, very deep and incredibly powerful! I bless everything and am so grateful She is with me!
— Sanja Susanj

I was able to partake twice when Branka channeled the beautiful and divine energy of Mother Mary and had the honor of receiving a healing as well. On all three occasions I could feel a powerful yet soft and light energy flood my body. My heart and mind felt at peace and I could feel how the loving compassionate presence of Mother Mary was healing my body and soothing my soul.

Every time I felt so grateful that I am alive and acceptance that everything is just the way it’s meant to be. All resistance stopped and I felt embraced by the love of creation. Thank you for connecting us with the energy of source and the loving presence of Mother Mary that is so needed on Earth at this Moment in Time.

— Prakash Gian Kaur


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