Heal Sexual Trauma

with Mother Mary

An intimate, sacred healing program

Heal Sexual Trauma

with Mother Mary

Welcome, and thank you for being here. I am Branka Valcic, an embodied consciousness, full-body channel, and voice of Divine Mother Mary. It is my honor to be able to serve you and Her through this program. Mother Mary knows your pain, and She wishes to help you so you can feel free.

Mother Mary's energy is both sweet and tender, and powerful beyond imagining. She brings you - Her beloved child, Her unconditional love, grace, and empowerment. She holds you in Her arms always, and showers you with Her love.

Day 1 Opening the Door
  • Arrival between 10-12 o'clock
  • Starting to develop the feeling for the boat as a vessel that carries us across the sea
  • Diving into the group energy
  • Preparing ourselves for the journey, both inward and outward
  • A welcoming ritual
Day 2 Stepping into Action
  • Taking a collective breath in and departing the port of Zadar
  • Traveling to a destination
  • Starting to connect to the feeling of the sea, the wind, and the sun around us, feeling their nourishment, the support they provide, and the power they carry
Day 3-5 Journeying Within and Across the Sea
  • Continuing to develop the feeling of the boat as a vessel that carries us across the sea
  • Basking in the magnificence of the sea’s embrace, the sun's warmth on our bodies, the magic of the night sky pouring over us
  • Learning and practicing boat and leadership skills, while tapping into the amazing power of our hearts
  • Learning to take an amazing care of our amazing selves, our boat, and our group
Day 6Integrating the Experience
  • Letting a collective breath out and returning to the port of Zadar
  • Giving due care with gratitude to our vessel that has carried us across the sea
  • Integrating the experience within, individually and as a group
  • A closing ritual
Day 7

Closing One Door, Opening Another

  • Departure in the morning hours
  • Stepping forward into our lives, carrying deep within us the gifts of our journey

Branka's Message

for you

Mother Mary has designed

this program to help you

Release as much pain, shame and guilt from your body and your psyche related to your sexual trauma, as you are ready to release.

Feel Her unconditional love and support so you can know at a deep level that you are loved and supported always.

See your own innocence and purity.


How the program works

In one-on-one private sessions, via a videoconference system, two times a week for three weeks, Mother Mary will work with you through me. She will speak to you directly, and will work on all levels of your being with you.

Please note that this program is not therapy, and it is not meant to replace conventional means of dealing with sexual trauma. If you need a psychotherapist or any other support like that, please make sure to seek what you need, if you haven’t already.


Before You Begin

have a chat with me

Feel in your heart if this program is for you. Know that you may also be feeling fear or resistance. Schedule a free of charge and free of obligation half an hour conversation with me to answer any questions you may have, and to see if you feel comfortable doing this work with Mother Mary through me.


Three powerful, intimate,

sacred, healing weeks

Week 1: Speaking out and being held by Mother Mary

Week 2: Going deeper and cleansing ritual

Week 3: Experiencing your purity and innocence

Specifics will be tailored by Mother Mary to fit you.

Your Process

Your Responsibility, Your POWER

One of the important parts of any deep, long-lasting healing process is taking responsibility for your process and your healing. This can be scary, but it is very empowering. If anyone took responsibility for your process and your healing they would be taking away your chance to grow, your chance to transcend suffering and move towards unconditional love.

This program is designed for you to take long-lasting steps towards owning your power.


My Promise to You

and My Support

I promise to be Mother Mary’s channel for you, in all Her purity and grace. I promise to hold space for you with my presence and devoted service to Mother Mary. I promise to keep your confidentiality.

Throughout the program, I will be channeling Mother Mary’s energy for you, outside of the sessions. I will be holding your Highest Good in my consciousness and I will be rooting for you from the very depths of my heart, woman to woman, sister to sister.


See your beauty

purity and innocence

Heal, grow, and enjoy your life, your body, and your many, many gifts in the way you are meant to!