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With the Divine Feminine energy so powerfully rising on Earth we are being called to step up and own our Divinity. It is time. Collectively and individually, we are working on letting go of what no longer serves us, what keeps us small, what used to work but no longer does, and we are preparing to live in the sacred union of Divine Feminine and Masculine within our bodies and on Earth. Each of us has an important and unique role to play in this shift of consciousness.

Divine Mother Mary is here to help. She holds the Highest Vision for each of us and offers Her unconditional Divine Mother love, grace, healing and empowerment to all who wish to receive it. Wherever you are on your transformation journey, Mother Mary and I are here to support you. Our programs are one of the ways through which we do this.

Healing Programs

with Mother Mary

Love Your Body

Your body is a beautiful, amazing creation of love and you are free to enjoy it!  Release the guilt and the shame you feel connected to your body and feel free. 

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Heal Sexual Trauma

You are a beautiful being, deeply cherished by Divine Mother. Allow Her to help you heal your sexual trauma so you can behold your own beauty, innocence and purity. 

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Blossom into Fullness

Your beauty and power as a Divine being incarnate is astounding!  Release limiting beliefs and walk the Earth truly knowing and freely sharing your Divine inheritance. 

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More Programs

with Mother Mary

Temple of the Rose

Temple of the Rose is an etheric temple of Rose Love. Rose Love is the sweet, tender, powerful nectar of Divine Love. Through this love, Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine merge into Sacred Oneness. This is the spiritual lineage of Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Jesus, Grandmother Ana, Lady Venus, and other beloved mentors. Work with me and the Temple of the Rose mentors to remember Rose Love.

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Circle of Love

Join an amazing, powerful co-creation to bring more LOVE and LIGHT to our beloved Earth and all who live here! Help release the old paradigms that keep this world in fear and suffering. Increase the power of Divine Feminine merging with Divine Masculine in Sacred Oneness on Earth! Answer the call of the Divine Mother and help co-create a new world where beings live in LOVE AND PEACE!
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Awaken the Sea Goddess within

on a sailing boat in Croatia

Join an amazing Sea Goddesses Sisterhood journey aboard a sailing vessel on the beautiful Croatian Adriatic. Intimacy, pleasure, boat-skills, freedom, strength, confidence, healing, sisterhood, love... joined together in a powerful combination that reflects your greatness. All journeys are co-created with a sisterhood of women aboard, and each is completely supported in love. Let yourself be free to be exactly who you are. Answer the call of your soul to remember your connection to the Sea Goddess and embody more of her amazing energies.

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