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This is an upgraded version of the course by Mother Mary (through Branka Valcic) to help you release guilt and shame related to your body so you can feel free. This upgraded version of the course includes:
BRANKA’S SUPPORT (through email)


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IMPORTANT NOTICE: THIS COURSE WILL OPEN FOR PURCHASE ON FEBRUARY 1st, 2020, and will be available for purchase until MARCH 15th, 2020. SUPPORT WILL BE AVAILABLE UNTIL APRIL 30th, 2020.
Your body is sacred.” – Mother Mary


Mother Mary has created this course specifically to help us, individually and collectively, release the guilt and the shame so many of us feel connected to our bodies and our sexuality. She wants us to know that our bodies are beautiful, amazing creations of love!
She wants YOU to enjoy your body and feel free!
Divine Feminine Embodied

Mother Mary is here at this present time to share the message that we do not need to live ruled by the past but are free to create our present and our future. For so long and for so many women Mother Mary has been a symbol related to chastity and sexual virginity, making many of us believe that if we are not like that, there is something wrong with us. This was never Her intention. She never told us to not love ourselves, to not love our bodies, to not have sex. In fact, she wants us to enjoy our bodes, to love and cherish ourselves deeply, to expand and embrace our sexuality, to truly experience and live the beautiful expression of life-force that we are, to feel the ecstasy of living in a human body, to be free. That is the path of the Divine Feminine Embodied.

Mother Mary is here for you

Through this and other courses in this series (Embrace Your Sexuality, coming soon) Mother Mary will guide you and help you heal what you need to heal in order to love your body. Not because there is anything wrong with you, but because you have been told over and over and over again that something is wrong with you, and you believed it. Doing this work is not easy. There is a lot of shame and guilt deeply rooted within our bodies that is keeping us from loving our bodies and feeling the freedom we desire, that needs to be transformed, and this can be a challenging process. However, while doing so YOU will have COMPLETE, TOTAL, UTTER SUPPORT FROM MOTHER MARY to help you with whatever you need. She knows what you need and She will support you in the most beautiful way. She will continuously be filling you with Her amazing LOVE, GRACE, HEALING, and EMPOWERMENT!

Mother Mary loves you unconditionally. She is offering Her guidance and Her support to YOU.

The Call of Your Soul

Because you are here. Your soul is calling you to love yourself deeply and unconditionally. Loving your body opens the doors into this love that you are seeking. This love already exists within you. All you need to do at any given moment on your path towards this love is to open the door that is right in front of you.

Embracing Divinity in Sacred Oneness

Now because now is the time to let go of all that doesn’t serve you, that keeps you small, and to embrace your Divinity. Divine Feminine is rising on in order to balance Divine Masculine in Sacred Oneness on Earth. Doing this work is part of helping the Divine Feminine rise even more.





This course consists of eight channeled video and audio units (two to set up space, and six guided practices) in which Mother Mary works with you to see and feel your body as a beautiful, amazing creation of love.

UNIT 1: Welcome Beloved

UNIT 2: Your Body is Sacred

UNIT 3/PRACTICE 1: Welcoming Your Body

UNIT 4/PRACTICE 2: Working with Shame Part 1

UNIT 5/PRACTICE 3: Working with Shame Part 2

UNIT 6/PRACTICE 4: In the Rose of Your Heart

UNIT 7/PRACTICE 5: In the Rose of Your Womb

UNIT 8/PRACTICE 6: In Your Body Bliss

When you purchase the course you will automatically be created an account on Branka Valcic webshop and through this account you will be able to access your course, view your videos and download your audio files. Account information will be emailed to you after you complete the purchase. You will also be emailed Branka’s email so you can receive her support.

How to get the most benefits out of this course

Work at your own pace going through the practices in the order Mother gives them. The reason for this is that She wants you to feel completely safe and at ease with what you are doing. She starts slowly and takes you deeper and deeper. Mother suggests spending at least one week on each practice, doing the practice regularly. Listen to yourself, and to the signals your body is sending you.


The course will be open for purchase from February 1st, 2020 until March 15th, 2020.

From February 1st, 2020, until April 30th, 2020, Branka will be available on email to answer your questions or address any challenges you may have with the course. She will aim to reply to your inquiries within 24 hours of receiving them.


About Mother Mary and Branka Valcic

Divine Mother Mary is all about LOVE. Her energy is pure unconditional Divine Mother Love. She feels the suffering of Her beloved children on Earth and She chooses to love, UNCONDITIONALLY – that is the healing She brings to us all. She wishes for all Her beloved children on Earth to own their Divinity and experience living in the fullness of their Being. Branka Valcic, absolutely adores Mother Mary and has served Her in many different ways throughout many of her lifetimes. In this lifetime, Branka serves as an embodiment, full-body channel, voice and messenger of Mother Mary, sharing Her Love, grace, healing, empowerment, and wisdom with all who wish to receive it. Mother Mary has been preparing Branka for this task through many incarnations. In this lifetime, Branka has gone through many initiations with Mother Mary so she can come to a place where she can serve Her in this way. Mother Mary and Branka work together in Divine partnership to serve the Divine Love on Earth. Some of their offerings include intimate courses and programs to release shame and guilt related to our bodies, our sexuality, and to heal sexual traumas, amazing, powerful, transformational Sea Goddesses Journeys, and Mother Mary’s Circle of Love.