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A very warm welcome! Through this page, you can access the magic of dragons as I know them: majestic beings of light and love who love us and our world so much. The river on the image above is where dragons came to me suggesting that I write them into a book I was writing at the time. It is by this river that I wrote most of the book. My desire is for you to enjoy dragons in any way it works for you - reading, imagination, painting, dancing, guided meditations into the magical realm of dragons... join a workshop, read the book... have fun!

"The world turns on the wheels of imagination."

- from Dragon's Love

Dragon's Love Book

Dragon's Love book weaves together the magic of dragons with the harsh reality of life on Earth. It is a novel about a troubled young woman whose friendship with a dragon helps her to find love where none seems to exist, and by doing so saves the world from a fate of eternal darkness. It is the uplifting story of one woman who finds the courage to step into a hero’s role, even though she feels like no hero at all.



About the Author

Hello! Let me tell you a bit about myself... I live in the urban jungle of Zagreb, Croatia during winter and aboard my sailing vessel in the Adriatic during summer. My days are filled with the magic of living with my husband, our son, and two dogs...There are also the sweet magical moments I spend with myself... sitting by the water, dancing, meditating, writing ...

And there is always my community in the Spirit in whose company I delight, bringing their energies to Earth. I am a Creator of Magical Experiences through books, sea journeys, and meditations. Dragon's Love is my second novel.

What Excited
Readers Say

The story took me into the world of the parallel universe full of colorful flying creatures all around. The colorful life of dreams and imagination beyond anything I could ever imagine.
— Vesna Turčin, Zagreb, Croatia
A powerful, extraordinary, and transformative book that shows us a way to grow and love despite all. Beautifully written, wise beyond words, and easily read, this book makes you feel warm and cozy. Furthermore, it lets the light in all of us shine brighter and the love we have to reach further. Must read.
— Zeljka Fuchs, New Mexico, USA
Dragon's Love is so much more than a book. It is a reunion. It is a healing. It is an activation. With this magical & edge-of-you-seat kind of story, Branka has created a magical and multi-dimensional opportunity for each of us to remember how to experience and create more love into our lives and this world at a time that we desire it the most. You will have a hard time putting it down and what you receive from within the pages will last you a lifetime. Thank you, Branka, for following your heART's wisdom as you wrote this magical book.
— Whitney Freya, Author of 30 Days to Unstoppable, Oregon, USA
I still remember the moment when as a teenager I most seriously asked my mom if it was known when dragons became extinct. And I still carry within me a sense of disbelief that created her response - that they only existed in stories. Since then, I have been searching for my truth, for answers to the questions: What happened to the dragons? Where were they before, and where are they now? Under what names are they hiding? When and where will I be able to see them, meet them, get closer to the name, be with them? Because the feeling of warmth when I dive into the green or blue color of the dragon's eye shown in pictures or movies, when I imagine the safe warm embrace of its wings shown in sculptures, when I imagine the flight on their backs described in stories or when I see dragon outlines in the magic of nature - gives me great strength on the way to the unknown - on the way through the life I live. Strength and love, sadness and fear, hope and trust are the feelings that accompanied me on a journey through Dragon's Love, and a thoughtful dragon hug invited me to find it near me and then silently listen to the love that my dragon guardian brings to me. The book Dragon's Love is one of the ways but also a caring companion that helps me find the answer to my long-asked question about dragons. I hope that it will also invite you to travel and support you in finding answers to your dragon questions.
— Dunja Vuković, Zagreb, Croatia


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