Living with Mary

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Roman Catholic women ordination is the living God who loves and includes - in action! In the episode, I share with you a story on how I came to learn that there are almost 250 ordained Roman Catholic women priests in the world today and why contemporary theologians say that Vatican resistance to women ordinations has no theological support. Listen to the episode to learn more!

Fed up with feeling imprisoned, small, sinful…? Feel that there is more to Mother Mary than you have been told? The judging God doesn’t sit all that well with you? Listen to the Living with Mary Podcast!

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What Listeners Say

Thank you so much for this beautiful message channeled through the divine Mother Mary! I have listened to it three times already and I have saved it so I can listen many more times! It hit me deep inside my heart. I am sooooooo grateful for you and Mother Mary. Thank you thank you thank you. This is such an incredible gift. I am truly moved.
—Elena Weigand for How to Serve the Divine Feminine