Join An Online Writing Group

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Are you longing for an online writing group in which you can feel free to express yourself in whichever way suits you? Do you feel a need for a place where you feel understood, connected and supported? Are you interested in getting to know yourself and to hear the voice of your inner guidance? Would you like to live more … Read More

A New Place for Your Self-Discovery

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A New Place for Your Self-Discovery

Announcing my new website – a place that takes you on a journey of self-discovery It is my great joy to announce a launch of my new, beautiful website! It took months of dedicated work by an amazing team to create it. I am so excited now that the moment has come to share it with you. Join me and … Read More

Enjoying the Writing Process

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Croatian Adriatic Branka Valcic

Would you like to do what you love and share it with the world? If you love writing there is nothing stopping you from expressing yourself through a written word, and enjoying the writing process too. Yes, there are old beliefs, but let’s break out of a couple of them here and now. First, we don’t need to suffer to … Read More

Anyone Can Write – Start Today With a Word SUNSET

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Sun setting over islands on the Adriatic

In 1986 Natalie Goldberg’s book Writing Down the Bones was published making a bold statement that anyone who writes is a writer, thus challenging the paradigm that writing is for a chosen few. I love this, and actually firmly believe that anyone with a burning desire in their heart not only can write, but that they owe it to themselves … Read More

Sage and Lavender Are Amazing

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In the previous blog I wrote about several wonders of the Croatian Adriatic as captured by The Lady of the Sea novel. In this blog, I would like to focus on one of these wonders: Medicinal and culinary herbs. More specifically, I’d like to focus on two of my all time favorites, which also feature heavily in the novel: Sage … Read More

Spring Cleaning

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On the island, springtime is when each islander gets his kaic, batela, gajeta, pasara or any other type of traditional subsistence fishing boat out of the water for skver or annual boat maintenance. Boat maintenance on the island is a man’s job. The boat is taken out of the water. At the minimum, it is pressure-washed, sanded, and anti-fouled. It … Read More

Bewitched by Gardening

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I promised myself I wouldn’t plant anything this spring. So, what happened? The only explanation is that I got bewitched. Because who would want to plant something after spending a good portion of the fall fighting snails, mending calloused hands and aching back only to not actually be home to harvest most of the produce?! Yes, we ate some beautiful … Read More

Awestruck by Spring

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I used to live in Scotland and the problem with Scotland is that it doesn’t see much sun. Duh! Living now on an island in the Croatian Adriatic I am awestruck at the existence of a real, honest to God, sun shining Spring. The Sun has been shining for days now. I soak it in. The island is waking up. … Read More


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A few months ago I sat next to a tree and leaned my back on its smooth bark. From the top of my head, down my spine, and into the ground a long, violent shiver traveled. Tears sprung out of my eyes and I shook uncontrollably. Then with all its might, I felt the tree behind me, its roots became … Read More