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from Mother Mary & Branka

In the Garden of Your Heart

Meditation with Mother Mary

Welcome beautiful being! I am very excited that you are here claiming your free gift. Sharing Mother Mary's energy and being Her channel and voice is what I absolutely love doing. One of the ways I do this is through a bi-weekly series of live channeled Meditations with Mother Mary and your free gift comes from this series.

In this meditation, Mother Mary will first help you deeply relax and re-connect with your body, while flooding your heart with Her unconditional love. Then She will guide you into the garden of your heart to get in touch with your love. Finally, She will guide your consciousness to expand, see and co-create your life at the frequency of the garden of your heart. It is a beautiful, powerful meditation that helps you to merge body-mind-heart and co-create your life from your center, knowing that you are One with the Divine.

I wish you a beautiful hour with yourself and Mother Mary. May you open yourself to receive Mary's love and all the gifts She has placed for you within this transmission.

With Love and Respect,


Relax and Enjoy

Your Hour with Mary

After the transmission ends, you may stay in the energy for as long as you wish and when you feel complete bring your awareness to your breath, your body, and your surroundings. Feel the air on your skin, your feet on the floor. Touch your body gently, and let it move in any way it wishes. When you are ready, open your eyes, and step forward into your life bringing the gifts of this meditation with you.

What's Next

For You?

If you liked this meditation with Mother Mary, thankfully there is plenty more where that came from! You may choose to meditate with Mary regularly using your free gift - Mary will make sure that you get what you need from the transmission each time you tune into it.

Wishing to be there LIVE? Join us every other Wednesday live online through Zoom for an hour of healing, growth, and empowerment with Mother Mary.


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