05 May 2018


17:00 - 19:00


30 EUR or choose a discount option

Writing Circle | Spring 2018

Writing Circles – A gift of exploring your inner landscape and setting yourself free

Online Writing Circles are intimate online writing groups in which we explore our internal landscape, using our pen as an explorer’s tool and the process of capturing our first thoughts as our map. They are an excellent way for everyone, regardless of where they live and what’s going on in their area, to be a part of a group in which they feel completely supported to explore their inner landscape. Online Writing Circles meet once a week. We meet for two hours. Written and conversational language for Online Writing Circles is English.

Writing Circle Spring 2018

Overarching theme for the Writing Circle of Spring 2018 is ABUNDANCE. We will explore what abundance means to us, and we will work on blocks that keep us from living within our desired abundance.


Single session allows you to dip your finger into the Writing Circles experience. Four-session option allows you to take a swim and commit to yourself and your process for a longer period of time to see what happens. Choosing an annual pass allows you to really dive in and give yourself a gift of committing to exploring your inner landscape and setting yourself free.


Four-session option gives you four sessions, at a discounted price. You will need to register for each session you wish to attend as event/session registration opens. Note that there may be weeks when we will not meet, and in this case there will be no option to register for that week. Annual pass is valid one year since your registration date and you will need to register only once. In case I need to cancel a session all participants will be notified.

Come and Join a Unique Online Writing Group!


What others say about writing with me?

“I am attending Branka’s writing circle “Coprničje Pero” in Zagreb. Our circle has become a safe place where I am fully protected in feeling strong and vulnerable, smart and simple, brave and scared, extroverted or withdrawn … I would recommend it to anyone who feels&thinks this might be a place for them, anywhere&anytime.” – Paulina

“Writing Circle led by Branka Valcic (Siri Darshan Kaur) in the red tent was very healing and transforming for me. I felt protected, safe and loved in this circle of women which allowed me to open up and really dig deep. Through the creative process I expressed something I didn’t even know was there. It was a wonderful and unforgettable experience for me. Hope you will go on uplifting and inspiring women with your work. Many blessings.” – Prakash Gian Kaur

“Writing with Branka opens the doors of the subconscious and takes one on a ride through wonderland in which everything is possible. Writing comes as a natural process, spontaneous, without fences, censorship, self-censorship, without rules and borderlines that keep one stuck. Field of possibilities. Wonderful and all encompassing. Sad. Happy. Hyper sensible. Unbelievable. Wicked. Angry. Within the circle we come to our own center where we find rest and acceptance. We find ourselves contained within the present moment and embark on an adventure to explore ourselves and the boundaries of possibilities. Through Branka’s creative, free, and playful leadership, discovering all the color, length and breadth becomes truly a wonderful experience. This process of discovery offers us a better understanding of our own as well as the nature of life, and on this journey we also discover and develop our own passion towards free creative expression through writing. We are free to take note of our thoughts, their bewildering meandering, without preconceived plans and foreplanning. Within Branka’s circle I become Alice in Wonderland – truly a desirable departure from the predictable everyday life.” – Lana

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