08 - 22 Aug 2020



Virtual Sea Goddess Journey 2020

Come journey with me on a Virtual Sea Goddess Journey 2020!

To join, FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM. I will lead the Virtual Sea Goddess Journey 2020 from my boat on the Croatian Adriatic, holding space for you, and interacting with you through my Instagram profile.

Together we will step into the Great Unknown, and let each day unfold as it needs to. We will transform and grow in our wisdom, love and power to truly embrace who we are. We will empower ourselves to truly contribute what we’ve come to Earth to contribute at this time.

What is a Sea Goddess Journey?

A Sea Goddess Journey is a call of your own soul to connect with and deepen your relationship with the sea goddess within. It is really a journey into your heart. The beauty, wisdom, love, and power of your heart are already yours – all you need to do is remember them and allow them to flow freely into your life and lives of others.

Why a Virtual Sea Goddess Journey?

Before covid-19, I was planning to lead a live Sea Goddesses Journey this September. Now, surrendering even deeper into the Great Mystery of Life, I am taking this opportunity to offer you something else, something that I wouldn’t have even thought to offer before.

An opportunity for both men and women to partake in a Sea Goddess Journey from wherever they are in the world!

I know it will not be the same. But that’s sort of the point, isn’t it?

No matter how strange it seems (I mean, really, a Sea Goddess Journey that is NOT on the actual sea, not on the boat, not face to face??? Goodness!), it’s an opportunity that is calling to me strongly, and I simply cannot ignore it. What’s best, I feel it will actually be really cool!

How to Join the Virtual Sea Goddess Journey 2020

Step 1. Follow me on Instagram

Step 2. Keep an eye out for my guided thematic sea goddess journey posts, videos and live events on my Instagram profile

Step 3. Gift yourself all the time you can to really dive into the love and power of your heart on this sea goddess journey

Opening Ceremony

Join the opening ceremony LIVE on Instagram on Saturday, August 8th, 2020 at 19 o’clock CET.

Let’s journey together!

Let’s transform what may seem like a limiting situation on Earth right now, into more light, more love, hope, self-healing and expansion of our individual and group consciousness!

We can truly be the change we want to see in the world by living, embodying, and sharing it with others!

For love, for life, for hopes and dreams, onward!

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