08 - 15 Sep 2020


1190 EUR

Sea Goddesses Journey 2020

Due to covid-19, this Sea Goddesses Journey will not take place. I am, however, adapting the original Sea Goddesses Journey into a Virtual Sea Goddess Journey. Hop to the Virtual Sea Goddess Journey 2020 and dive in!

The Call of the Sea

The sea is calling… the sea is waiting… for you!

Intimacy, pleasure, boat-skills, freedom, strength, confidence, healing, sisterhood, love…

A week-long sisterhood journey aboard a sailing vessel in the Zadar Archipelago on the beautiful Croatian Adriatic. Throughout the Sea Goddesses journey you are supported and held in the energy of Love, while you connect with the healing, nourishing, and empowering Sea Goddess energies within and around you.

The Sea Goddess is strong and powerful, beautiful and nourishing, and her love knows no boundaries. During a Sea Goddess Journey you step through the portal into the realm of the Sea Goddess. What awaits you there is for you to discover…

The Sea Goddesses Journey 2020

Our journey will take place on a 34-foot sailing boat. The boat will be our home for seven nights, starting in Zadar, Croatia, journeying through the central part of the Croatian Adriatic, and back to Zadar. The emphasis is not on miles covered but on what we learn on our journey, how we grow, heal, and transform.

No experience on boats is necessary. The only requirement I have is that, as you journey across the sea, you allow yourself to also journey within and experience the unfolding of the journey.


Your very own cabin aboard a 34-foot sailing vessel. The boat offers one front cabin, and two aft (back) cabins, one head (bathroom), a galley (kitchen), and salon.

Your Investment*

*Your investment includes tuition, food, fuel, and accommodation on the boat. It excludes travel costs to and from the venue.

Payment Schedule

A non-refundable deposit of €190 is due once your application has been accepted.
An additional payment of €1000 should be made, at the latest, a week before the beginning of the Sea Goddesses journey, i.e. September 1st, 2020.

How to Get on Board?

To start the application process send Branka an email to or click on any of the green buttons on The Sea Goddesses Program web page and message me through the contact form. Let me know why you are interested in Sea Goddesses journey 2020. I will get back to you with an application to fill out. Once you have returned your application to me, I will review it and inform you of my decision. When the application is accepted, and deposit paid, your place on board will be waiting for you!

What Others Are Saying…

“…an initiation, a wondrous meeting, beyond karma, beyond relationships, beyond compassion, beyond silence, beyond what the mind can comprehend… Everyone keeps asking me where were you, what did you do… and here I am, thinking… we didn’t do anything extraordinary… I just observed miracles happening right in front of my own nose! It’s not a special technique, there aren’t any special rules. It is simply… women together, celebrating life…

My beautiful Branka Valcic, my shining Goddess through which flows the energy of the most sublime Mother Mary, Saraswati, Lakshmi, Mother Earth, every mother, every woman, every Goddess. Branka’s presence gathers those who are creating a new circle, the unstoppable power of a woman…  stopped long time ago, now is free.

Place of action: Sailing boat… with a spiritual name Princess. She has taught me to see the sea for the first time with different eyes, to dive into the silence, to greet the sea fairies, which allowed us to photograph them… The mind opens and my restless thoughts are transformed into wisdom through the power of love, connectedness, understanding, compassion, surrounded by the beauty of the Sea Goddesses, the Sun, the Moon, the starry sky and the SEA, which shows us how small and how grand we are at the same time.

And on top of all this, we also did everything you’d want to generally do on a vacation – swimming, sunbathing, yoga, meditation, laughter, tears, dancing, massage, adventure, enjoying food…

Don’t take my word for it – words cannot adequately describe the experience, come and experience it for yourself!” – Biserka Kozar, Sea Goddesses Journey August 2018

About Branka

Branka Valcic, PhD, founder of The Sea Goddesses Program, is a certified skipper with more than twenty years of boating experience, both in the Croatian Adriatic and in the North Atlantic off the coast of Scotland. She has spent months at a time on board a sailing vessel with her family and alone. Branka combines the wisdom of her heart, compassion, strength and courage garnered through her experiences, with her inner child’s curiosity, joy, and contagious love for all life. She offers authentic, deep, rich, powerful, transformative, and love-filled experiences with a deep desire to help people experience the profound joy of living with an open heart on our beloved Earth. Her soul vibrates with the sea.

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Hourly Schedule

Day 1

Day 1
Opening the Door & Stepping into Action
Arrival between 11 am and 1 pm • Around the boat – getting to know your home for the journey • A welcoming ritual • Taking a collective breath in and departing the port of Zadar (subject to weather conditions) • Starting to connect to the feeling of the sea, the wind, and the sun around us, feeling their nourishment, the support they provide, and the power they carry
Day 2 - 6
Journeying Within and Across the Sea
Surrendering to the flow of our journey • Learning and practicing boat skills • Learning to take an amazing care of our amazing selves, our boat, and our sisterhood • Healing, transforming, letting go • Stepping into our power • Connecting with the Sea Goddess energies and recognizing the Sea Goddess within you
Day 7
Integrating the Experience
Giving due care with gratitude to our vessel that has carried us across the sea • Integrating the experience within, individually and as a sisterhood • A closing ritual • Letting a collective breath out and returning to the port of Zadar (we may, depending on the weather conditions, and schedules of all on board, return to Zadar in the morning of Day 8)
Day 8
Closing One Door, Opening Another
Departure in the morning hours • Stepping forward into our lives, carrying deep within us the gifts of our journey

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