08 May 2022


CEST (Zagreb)
19:00 - 20:30

Paint Your Dragon


Let your dragon emerge from within you onto the canvas in front of you! Paint your dragon and let yourself be filled with the magic of co-creation with your beloved dragon! Your dragon will guide you so that not only her/his shape emerges on the canvas, but also that the journey there is filled with wonder! The painting will be filled with your dragon’s energy and will serve as a portal for you to continue deepening your relationship with her/him!

Your Human Guide

Your amazing human guide on this journey will be Whitney Freya. She is a modern-day mystic, artist, inspired living expert, and author, who teaches at the canvas how to be in love: how to love yourself and the painting unconditionally, how to receive the subtle intuitive guidance, and how to connect to the most authentic personal expression. Check out her website and her online studio!

Whether you have already connected with your dragon and enjoy adventures together, or you are yet to do so, Paint Your Dragon Workshop will help you open those next doors of your consciousness. NO PAINTING EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY as this is not about a technique, or how it looks. It is simply about tapping into the magic of dragons through painting and allowing the process to unfold in all its wonder.

Practical information about painting supplies coming soon!


Registration is now OPEN.

Please register by sending me an email at

Registration closes on Friday, May 6th, 2022 at midnight Zagreb Time.

You will receive the Zoom link for the workshop on Saturday, May 7th.


It is our desire to offer this workshop without receiving money for it ourselves. However,  in the amazing circle of giving and receiving, energy loves to flow. We would absolutely love it if, instead of paying us, you could make a donation to Women for Women International. This is an organization that has tirelessly worked with women survivors of war around the world for 25 years.

Support Women Survivors of War

Your donation to Women for Women International gives women survivors of war the resources, support, and skills she needs to transform their life—and the lives of their family. Your gift provides:

  • Job training
  • Business and life skills
  • Access to opportunity and more

You can choose to donate specifically to the emergency Conflict Response Fund for Ukraine and other active conflict zones. If you choose to donate to this Fund on a monthly basis, the first three months of your donation will now be matched.


Dragons Are Here, Bringing Love!

Dragons of love, light, and peace are gathering very strongly on Earth to help us in our transformation and remembering of the incredible LOVE that we all are! Having a relationship with dragons of love and light on Earth is super exciting and fun, but it is also incredibly powerful. Together we have the power to bring even more love and light to our planet. Let’s do this!


I am looking forward to sharing this magical experience with you!

With exuberant joy!