Divine Mother Mary

Love, Grace and Power for the Changing Times

With the Divine Feminine energy so powerfully rising on Earth we are being called to step up and own our Divinity. It is time. Collectively and individually, we are working on letting go of what no longer serves us, what keeps us small, what used to work but no longer does, and we are preparing to live in the sacred union of Divine Feminine and Masculine within our bodies and on Earth. Each of us has an important and unique role to play in this shift of consciousness.

Divine Mother Mary is here to help. She holds the Highest Vision for each of us and offers Her unconditional Divine Mother love, grace, healing and empowerment to all who wish to receive it. Wherever you are on your journey, Mother loves you unconditionally. Here you can find the offerings of Divine Mother Mary through me, Branka, to support YOU to realize your Divine power in a way that best suits you.

"It is time, beloved ones, to let go of everything that keeps you small so you can truly shine your unique Light and contribute in a major way to the evolution of consciousness on our beloved Earth." ~ Mother Mary

LOVE YOUR BODY WITH MOTHER MARY Online Course Starts March 15, 2020

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About Divine Mother Mary & Branka

Divine Mother Mary is all about LOVE. Her energy is pure unconditional Divine Mother Love. She feels the suffering of Her beloved children on Earth and She chooses to love, UNCONDITIONALLY - that is the healing She brings to us all. She wishes for all Her beloved children on Earth to own their Divinity and experience living in the fullness of their Being. Branka Valcic, absolutely adores Mother Mary and has served Her in many different ways throughout many lifetimes. In this lifetime, Branka serves as an embodiment, full-body channel, voice and messenger of Mother Mary, sharing Her Love, grace, healing, empowerment, and wisdom with all who wish to receive it. Mother Mary has been preparing Branka for this task through many incarnations. In this lifetime, Branka has gone through many initiations with Mother Mary so she can come to a place where she can serve Her in this way. Mother Mary and Branka work together in Divine partnership to serve the Divine Love on Earth. Some of their offerings include intimate courses and programs to release shame and guilt related to our bodies, our sexuality, and to heal sexual traumas, amazing, powerful, transformational Sea Goddesses Journeys, and Mother Mary’s Circle of Love.

Healing Sexual Trauma with Mother Mary
Intimate, highly supported, intensive program

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August 2020
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Other People's Experiences

As soon as Branka started channeling Mother Mary, the energy was strong and palpable. It was a truly magical and wonderful experience. I can't wait for more!
— Sanja M.

I found myself in a place of softness, serenity, spaciousness and flow. It was beautiful. It's hard to put into words.
— Ruth B.

I was able to partake twice when Branka channeled the beautiful and divine energy of Mother Mary and had the honor of receiving a healing as well. On all three occasions I could feel a powerful yet soft and light energy flood my body. My heart and mind felt at peace and I could feel how the loving compassionate presence of Mother Mary was healing my body and soothing my soul. Every time I felt so grateful that I am alive and acceptance that everything is just the way it’s meant to be. All resistance stopped and I felt embraced by the love of creation. Thank you for connecting us with the energy of source and the loving presence of Mother Mary that is so needed on Earth at this Moment in Time 💖😊🙏
— Prakash Gian Kaur

A deep experience of beautiful energies where healing occurs in the presence of blessed love! I felt a very strong presence of Mother Mary's energy, joy in my heart, gratitude, and love towards nature and all of life. It was very, very deep and incredibly powerful! I bless everything and am so grateful She is with me!
— Sanja S.

This was a completely new experience for me. I didn’t know what to expect and what I experienced was exactly what I needed at that moment. A sense of safety and support. I felt a complete relaxation. Feeling of gentleness in my whole body allowed me to surrender. A moment of peace, a moment full of love, insights that heal the heart and the soul. Answers that I needed were within me, and that love showed them to me in the most beautiful and purest way. Deep gratitude to sweet Branka who gifted me this experience with Mother Mary. These moments still last and will last forever because I got to truly know that She is always with me. Especially since I constantly hear Branka’s healing voice and feel both Branka and Mother Mary hugging me. In gratitude, Mirka
— Mirka Dzelebdzic

Mother Mary's Circle of Love

Mother Mary’s Circle of Love is a community of beings who are working together to: bring more love and light to Earth and all who live here; consciously contribute to humanity’s evolution towards oneness consciousness; help heal deep wounds of humanity; support the Earth in her evolution; and help birth the Earth on which beings live in love and peace.

Mother Mary’s Circle of Love works on many levels. Our conscious efforts come together through co-creating and sharing love and light as a Circle, with each of us adding our own beautiful uniqueness during our bi-monthly live online gatherings. These co-creations are powerful light & love-filled packages, that continue to heal and empower the planet and all beings, far beyond our physical gatherings.

The work of this Circle is supported and guided by Divine Mother Mary. However, many other Beings of Light from the Spirit realms, including angels, spirit guides, and ascended masters, join our live gatherings and are here to assist and co-create with us.

Would you like to help release the old paradigms that keep this world in fear and suffering? Increase the power of Divine Feminine to merge with Divine Masculine in Sacred Oneness on Earth? Would you like to answer the call of the Divine Mother for more LOVE on Earth? Join Mother Mary's Circle of Love, and help co-create a new world where beings live in LOVE AND PEACE!

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