When we take a chance…

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Are you mostly stuck in a rut wishing things were different? Are you obsessed with planning out your life and finding it upsetting when most of the time your plan does not happen exactly the way you wanted it? My answer to both of these questions until recently was a vehement ‘yes’.

So here is another question: How often do you take a chance in life?

My answer used to be ‘rarely’.

People in general don’t like taking chances. Taking chances is scary. But taking chances is also about living life more fully. It means that if there is something I want to do and know deep in my heart that it will be good for both me and those around me that I waste no more time and simply go and do it. Taking chances is about ceasing to worry about what might happen and simply letting go. If we let go, there is a chance something awesome might happen. If we are stuck in a rut, this chance will never even come for a visit.

Sure, there are lucky ones among us who do not wish to change a thing about their lives. If you are one of those lucky people kudos for you! But what about the rest?

There are many reasons people get stuck in a rut. Often reasons are financial, many times they have to do with family, sometimes it is time invested to get to where we are so we can’t just give it all up. These are all important things and I am not saying that anyone should sacrifice them. What I am suggesting is that we give ourselves some breathing space, some fertile ground within which we may be able to see beyond what we see now allowing us eventually to get out of the rut and up and go on with life.

When I decided to get off that hamster wheel that was making my life pass by in a blur, I didn’t do it on a whim. I had and still have plans B, C, D, and so on but all of these plans also stipulate that no plan of mine, no matter how vested I am in it, will ever dictate how I live my life. And you know what? This works! At least it works for me because it allows me to take chances, follow paths that might lead to something extraordinary, and ultimately make me a better and a more fulfilled person.

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