The Hamster Wheel of Life

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I have been writing for years, but never actually thought I have something to say that people may want to read about. How could I follow in the footsteps of one Julie Powell, the blogger featured in the movie Julie & Julia, or any other writer for that matter? But then something happened. Not that all of a sudden I think people – you – may be interested in what I write. It’s more that I have suddenly found courage to get off a hamster wheel of life I didn’t like, and into the great unknown, which is what I like to call Life with a capital L. This experience is something I want to share with you.

So here I am, writing my very first blog. And even though I am wandering if anyone would care to read it in the end it doesn’t really matter. I am enjoying what I am doing and more importantly I have the time to be aware of what I am doing, and that’s what really matters to me.

Like many of us, I was taught that going to school, getting good grades and securing a job was the path to take in life. And so, like many of us, I did. I excelled in school, my grades were smoking, and I had no problems getting a job. I went on to to get my Master’s and then a PhD and my first job as an Assistant Professor at one of the American Universities. I was set. Although the word setup is more like it.

What I now believe I was set up with was a hamster wheel. A hamster wheel that became my life as I ran, no – sprinted, down this infamous path. Life became a blur. Everything moved so fast that I could hardly see it. Being brain exhausted after a long day at the office didn’t help either. The other life, the one in which I actually have the time to stop and enjoy what I am doing and who I am became an impossibility, something I might dream about but that isn’t really my life.

I know I am not telling you anything new. How many people out there are on this spectacular hamster wheel? I see myself and so many of you as we get up in the morning, have breakfast on the go and rush to work. Then we work all day at such high pace that enjoying the actual work and people we work with becomes impossible simply because there is no time to stop and enjoy it. We come home from work with but one wish to have dinner and veg out in front of a TV.

How many of us are on this hamster wheel? How many of us are enjoying this hamster wheel? Really and honestly? If we could do something to get off the hamster wheel, to take a chance and UP ‘N GO ON with life, would we?

Well, I have. And that’s what this blog is about! Come and join me as I navigate these unknown, exciting, and fascinating waters of a life off the hamster wheel. A life after taking my big chance. Perhaps you will be inspired to take a chance, get off your hamster wheel of life and up and go on with Life.

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  1. I used to be there in my estrogen life. I wish you the best in your Life After The Hamster Wheel. It is amazing!

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