Sexual Empowerment with Mother Mary

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This is a slightly modified transcript of my Living with Mary Podcast episode “Sexual Empowerment with Mother Mary” . Listen to the episode here:



What I Concluded as a Child  


Welcome back everyone to the Living with Mary Podcast and if you are just joining us a very warm welcome to you! In today’s episode I am going to talk about sexual empowerment with Mother Mary. Words that may sound like opposites, but really are not.  


Still let’s start at the point when they felt like the opposites. I don’t know about you, but when I was a girl I felt utterly ashamed before the Virgin Mary. I mean here She was – not only conceived without sex, which made Her free from the so-called original sin, but also not having sex Herself, which made Her pure. Following that, my reasoning went something like this:  


Since my parents had sex to make me, I was sinful even before I was born, and because sex was going to be part of my life (even my child-self knew this, 7th grade biology hello), I am to be… what’s the opposite of pure? UnpureDirty? The Merriam-Webster dictionary lists 27 near antonyms to the word pure… including evil and degenerate. Remember St. Jerome from the last episode, women are the root of all evil? 


How Many Women Made the Same Conclusion? 


Anyway, those were some heavy f-ing words for a young mind and heart to take in about oneself. Now, maybe I was an exception to make this conclusion. Or maybe I am part of the majority. Whatever the case, I want to put this into perspective. Since there are more than 1.3 billion people in the world as of 2018, who call themselves Catholic, and roughly 50% of the population are women, there are roughly 650 million women Catholic. Let’s say that only 1% of them made the same conclusion I made that would be 6.5 million women. Yes, that’s right! I had to check twice that the math is correct because I didn’t believe it. 


These are very rough calculations, of course, but based on them, if only 1% of women made the same conclusion I made there would be 6.5 million women walking around feeling like shit on account of the parallel drawn from Mother Mary’s double virginity and ourselves. That’s a lot of women not believing in themselves, and deep down feeling very broken. And when we have sex, we feel oh, so fucking ashamed and guilty! Which makes us feel even more broken and less able to stand up for ourselves… and so on. 


Does Sex Life Need to Suck? 


And by the way, even though the Church says it’s OK to have sex once married, the act of marriage itself does not erase the shame we feel. Oh, we may think it does, but when we look more deeply into our bodies and into why our sex life with our husband is not as thrilling for us as it is for him, we realize that it has not gone away. And how could it have when it was lodged deep within ourselves at ages when we were most pliable and would take another’s words as truth without thinking about it, especially when that someone is someone who has some sort of authority over us, or someone we love very much and think is there to care for us (which in their own way they are), or a man of God who we think really knows the truth? 


So, we could not have sex, yes? Yes, I suppose we could. And some of us stop having sex at some point because it sucks and makes us feel like shit, some of us keep at it to punish ourselves for being so bad as to have sex and like it, they keep having it, feeling great, than feeling soooo ashamed, and most of us settle for some version of well, yeah, let’s have sex as rarely as possible, which just sounds super sad to me. Anyway, none of the options sound particularly enticing to me, to many women or their partners. Nor is it empowering.  


So, what can we do? Well, for a start we can start stringing the words together sexual energy Mother Mary sex empowerment Mary… in our heads, out loud and staying present to what is happening within us. And we can also let Mother Mary teach us about sexual energy and let ourselves be sexually empowered.  


My Sexual Energy Apprenticeship with Mother Mary 


Let me tell you a bit about my sexual empowerment journey with Mother Mary. How does a person go from feeling so utterly ashamed before the Virgin Mary to offering a sexual empowerment with Mother Mary global event and helping women with their sexual healing and empowerment through one-on-one coaching? Oh, yes, I am offering a sweet, powerful, intimate, practical and timely Free Event online this coming weekend (Nov 6th & 7th), but more about that in a bit. 


So, how did I go from that shame to where I am now? Honestly, I have no idea! I am sort of drawing a blank here…. Wait, it’s coming back… Basically, I was going through my sexual awakening using Kundalini Yoga and yoni egg practices and I was also meditating a lot on Mother Mary’s energy, feeling Her more and more strongly, until one day I felt Mother Mary’s energy and sexual energy at the same time, and this made the sexual energy stronger than ever before. This freaked me out! 

I tried to keep these separate but they kept coming together. Since I was by then able to hear Her, I found the nerve and talked to Her about it. And oh, my God! 


She asked me if I would like to learn about sexual energy and what I can do with it, and I said YES! And so it began. My apprenticeship on sexual energy with Mother Mary. I had a long way to go, since my shame and guilt were still huge and my belief that Virgin Mary is judging me for feeling sexual energy, for self-pleasuring, for bringing Her and sexual energy together even in my thoughts, let alone in my body. Feelings of being unworthy, sinful, dirty came with intensity I never felt before. Yet, as you guys all know, I absolutely adore Mother Mary and I knew I was in safe hands. So, despite my giant discomfort, hopelessness, tears, sabotage, withdrawals from Mary for a while here and there (as though that’s possible, but still, in my mind, it was), I kept coming back to Her and asking to show me more. 


What Mary Taught Me 


So, I know the thorny path of sexual healing and empowerment inside and out, and I also know the pleasure, ecstasy and bliss that it can bring. I also know that Mother Mary wants us to feel pleasure! I know She is a master of sexual energy, which is part of the energy of Creation. She has taught me: 


  • how to relax the body and instead of recoiling from too much pleasure, to allow the pleasure to fill my body fully 
  • to stay present and enjoy the gifts of this energy 
  • how sexual energy can open my heart to such bliss that I can’t even begin to describe it. 


She helped me heal, release the emotions and feelings from my body that have kept me imprisoned for a long time, let go of feeling judged by Her, transform shame into its original state which believe it or not is innocence, and stand in my Goddess beauty and power.  


 I Want to Share This with You! 


I so want to share what She has taught me with you, all of you who want it. There is such potency in it. Such mind-blowing freedom. Such beauty, such power. Not to mention what this kind of sexual healing and empowerment does for one’s sex life with a partner. Woo hoo! 


I mean, seriously, if you are one of those 6.5+ million of women who feels crappy on account of the Virgin Mary’s story as told by some guys gazillion years ago and perpetuated by a bunch of other guys who wished to stay in power, hear me out: 


Virgin Mary supports our sexuality, our sexual energy, our sexual healing, and our sexual empowerment. She is urging us to open bodies and our hearts to pleasure. She is coming very strongly now to help us remember the connection with the sexual energy we once knew we had, the beauty and purity of it. If you are feeling this call in your body, listen! Divine Mother and the Goddess of Love are calling you Home. 


 Sexual Empowerment with Mother Mary Global Event  


As part of my contribution to this sexual healing and empowerment, I am hosting a sweet, powerful, intimate, practical and timely Free Event online this coming weekend (Nov 6th & 7th). Together with four beloved sisters, we will create a healing, safe, empowering space and share an amazing array of tools, practices, experiences and wisdom we have garnered through the many years of our own healing, transformation and empowerment. If you would like to be a part of this, I’ve placed a registration link in the description of the episode. You can come for one, a few or all sessions, and you’ll get all the info needed to make the most of this amazing opportunity after you register.  


Now, while there are now, thankfully, more and more events and spaces where we can learn and heal and get empowered in our sexuality, this event is the first global event in which Mother Mary is coming through with Her message on the power and beauty of our sexuality! We are all co-creators in this event and part of our work is transforming the story of Virgin Mary and the shame and guilt around sexuality that go with it and contribute to the planetary sexual healing and empowerment. Do you feel called to be there, for yourself and perhaps for others? Follow the registration link and I will see you there! Also, maybe share this podcast so it can find its way to those who would also benefit from sexual healing and empowerment with Mother Mary and a whole bunch of supporting people! 


 Allow Mary In 


And if not… that’s all right too! Either way, may your heart be at peace. May you know you are always loved. If you ever feel shame & guilt about your own sexuality please know that Mother Mary wants you to be free and is there for you to let go of what no longer serves you. Her Love is the most powerful force in the Universe is what I believe. This hard-won belief, this hard-won trust in Her, is my reward for persevering on my path. When I left the Catholic Church in my teens, I left my faith too. Mary has helped me to claim my faith back and to heal my connection to my sexual energy and Her, the Virgin Mary. With faith & healing, for me comes fulfillment, peace, pleasure and joy. And full capacity to enjoy my life on Earth and share it with all the beloved beings who are in it with me, including you dear listener! 


I wish you to take in all the infinitely many blessings that Mary is showering you every moment of your life!