Meditation to Open Your Heart with Mother Mary

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Meditation to Open Your Heart with Mother Mary

Gentle, yet powerful meditation to open your heart. Universal Mother Mary says that the journey of a sea goddess is a journey into the heart. Here, she supports you as you journey into your own heart. Allow yourself to feel the love from your own heart spread, in amazing, beautiful, healing waves, throughout your entire body.


About The Sea Goddesses Program Meditations

This is the last of the five free meditations that I have been posting through July 2018, as part of the Free Sea Goddesses Program Meditations July 2018.

The Sea Goddesses Program Meditations serve to help you more easily connect with your own heart and the amazing sea goddess energies that lie within you. The meditations are nourishing, heart-opening, powerful, and beautiful. They are a gift from Mother Mary and me,  from our hearts to yours. These meditations can be used stand alone and are also a beautiful way to prepare for the upcoming Sea Goddesses Program 2018 Immersion.



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