Mother Mary’s Circle of Love – Invitation Video by Mother Mary

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In this video Divine Mother Mary is inviting you to Mother Mary’s Circle of Love, a beautiful co-creation that serves as a bridge for more LOVE and LIGHT to pour onto the Earth plane and to all beings on Earth.

She also offers a beautiful meditation to share the Rainbow Light of Love, enhancing your sense of oneness between you and others. See how you like it!

If your heart is calling you to join Mother Mary’s Circle of Love, email Branka at

Divine Mother Mary champions the growth of Her beloved children always and offers Her unconditional Divine Mother Love and grace to all. She wishes all of us to embrace our Divinity and to see ourselves and everyone else as beautiful beings of Love and Light.

Branka Valcic, PhD, serves as a full body channel/embodiment for Mother Mary. Her deepest desire is to share Mother Mary’s Love, grace, healing, and wisdom with all who wish to receive it.


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