Mother Mary’s Circle of Love – Invitation Message by Mother Mary

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Beloved Light Bearers, Light Workers, Starseeds, Children of Love and Light!

The time has come for you to be an even more active, conscious co-creators in the evolution of consciousness on planet Earth. Your Lights are needed on the planet to help others remember their Light. Everyone’s path is different, but you are all One. You all come from the same Creator, the same Source, and you are all working on the elevation of consciousness together.

Holding the Earth and all who live on her in the embrace of Love and Light is the mission of this Circle of Love. If you so choose, you can help by: (1) embracing more deeply the fact that you are a Divine Being of Love and Light; (2) seeing everyone else on Earth as a Divine Being of Love and Light; (3) choosing to actively co-create Love and Light in your daily life, in whichever way suits you; and (4) joining the gatherings of Mother Mary’s Circle of Love where we will work together in a very focused way to bring more Love and Light to Earth.

Sit quietly for a few moments breathing into your heart. Then ask your heart how it feels about you joining Mother Mary’s Circle of Love. Please know that no matter what your choice, I love, honor, cherish and adore you – always.

It is my great honor and my joy, as Divine Mother, to help all of you remember the truth of who you are, see yourselves the way I see you, and take your rightful place as beautiful co-creators that you are – and to do this in ways that resonate with your hearts.

Mother Mary

(Channeled by Branka Valcic)


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