Mother Mary and Sexuality Part 2: Beyond Virgin Mary

Branka ValcicDivine Mother Mary

This blog on Mother Mary and sexuality invites us to expand our consciousness to realize there is much more to Mother Mary than we have known so far.  Read on to see how this may be important for you!

Virgin Mary

Sacred sexuality is being talked about more and more these days. It gets linked to various Goddesses, to Mary Magdalene, to Kundalini, Shakti, and so on. Mother Mary, on the other hand, is still seen, for the most part, as a symbol of purity, virginity, and chastity. This has been an image of Her that we have upheld for centuries. It is a beautiful image. I have absolutely nothing against Mother Mary as an icon of chastity, purity and virginity. For those who need this, please, do keep this image of Mother Mary close to your hearts. I do.

Expanding Our Consciousness

However, when we expand our consciousness beyond what we have known for so long, we realize that there is so much more to Mother Mary than that. Despite what we have been led to believe, even when She was on Earth, She was an enlightened teacher and a powerful embodiment of the Divine Feminine. Together with Christ and many other powerful beings She came to Earth at that time to bring an important message – that we are all Divine and that death is an illusion. After Christ made His transition, She continued to teach, to initiate other women, and to nurture the Divine Feminine on Earth.

Beyond Virgin Mary

Mother Mary, the way I know Her, is Divine Mother, so powerful She keeps the wheels of Creation turning. She keeps the Flame of Her Unconditional Mother Love for each of us in Her heart burning. Mother Mary ignites in us the passion for all Life and for Creation itself. She is as tender as She is strong. Her touch is as soft as a rose petal and as strong as a mighty river. She holds the Earth and all of us in Her embrace. She blazes through the bonds that keep us imprisoned to allow our souls to thrive, to allow ourselves to LIVE.

Mother Mary is making Her powerful presence felt on Earth more now to help us remember Her and Her love. She is here to help us balance Divine Feminine and Masculine in Sacred Oneness within ourselves and on Earth. She is here to teach us how to love ourselves fully, and to see each other and ourselves as Divine. Mother Mary invites us to embrace all parts of ourselves, including our sexuality, and to let go of all that makes us feel small and wrong.

Mother Mary wants us to know that it is all right to embrace these other parts of Her, that have for a long time been apart from our collective consciousness, so we can be free. If we so choose, the time to realize ourselves as Divine beings incarnate, as amazing manifestations of God on Earth, to feel ourselves whole, is NOW.

Opportunities For You

If you so wish, Mother Mary will help you on this path. She can help you to be all that you have come to Earth to be in this lifetime. She can help you to feel the joy of living in a human body. Mother Mary will lead you down the path that is challenging but rewarding beyond belief. She will help you live authentically, from your heart, and to truly know, feel and experience that YOU ARE ONE WITH GOD.

How do I know? I have experienced it. And I know it in my heart. This is what Mother Mary has taught me to trust.

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