Mother Mary and Sexuality Part 1: Time of Change

Branka ValcicDivine Mother Mary

This blog on Mother Mary and sexuality addresses the following topics:  the big picture changes on Earth, a review of our beliefs about sexuality, what sexual energy really is, the gift of sacred sexuality, and my first-hand experience of this gift through Mother Mary. Read through to see how this may be important for you!

Time of Great Change on Earth

You may already know or feel that planet Earth has entered a time of rapid change. We are being called to review and let go of that which no longer serves us so we can feel the freedom and joy of living in the fullness of our Divine being on planet Earth. Each of us has a unique role to play here. Together, we are working on expanding our consciousness, lifting each other up, and realizing we are all Divine.

Reviewing Our Sexuality

One of the things that’s in review for many of us is our sexuality and our relationship to sexual energy. As a species, we have become disconnected from the true power and true meaning of sexual energy. We have abused and distorted sexual energy for so long. Deep are our wounds related to sexual abuse, and guilt and shame keep us imprisoned.

What We Have Been Told About Sex

For centuries we have been told that sex is wrong. In childhood, especially girls are often told that it is wrong to touch themselves, even though it feels like the most natural of things. Sex is often associated with something dirty, forbidden, or secretive. Words whore, tramp, and so on, are never too far from our minds when sex is concerned. Men need to score, and women need to ‘give it to them’.

A disconnect between our genitals and our heart is enormous, as if they don’t belong to the same body, to the same being. We feel used, abused, and confused. We suppress our natural sexuality and try to mold it into something more ‘socially acceptable’, even though most of the time we have no idea what that actually is.

We Have An Opportunity to Shift

With the great shifts of energies on Earth, however, we now have the opportunity to shift these distortions, heal our wounds, let go of guilt, shame, and fear and allow ourselves to experience the sexual energy as a great gift that it is.

What Sexual Energy Really Is

Sexual energy is part of the energy of creation. It is beautiful and natural. If allowed to flow through our bodies, it has tremendous healing effect on many levels of our being. It can help us be more creative, enjoy greater vitality, be more relaxed, feel stronger and safer in our bodies.

Believe it or not, sexual energy, is also closely related to spirituality. For it is the energy that helps Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies to merge in Sacred Oneness within our body. In other words, it is a way for us to feel and experience the bliss and ecstasy of merging with God! Now, how awesome is that?

First-Hand Experience with Mother Mary

To me, that is truly awesome! But the most awesome thing is the actual experience of it. You may have been wondering where I am getting all this from, and I could tell you I read about it in books written by wise people (I did), but the truth is that I have experienced all of it myself. And the other truth is that it was Mother Mary who helped me with this.

If my talking about Mother Mary and sexuality in one breath makes you feel uncomfortable, that is all right. You can close this page and never come back. If, however, what I am saying resonates with what you feel in your heart, hang in here with me a little bit longer.

The Gift of Sacred Sexuality

You see, in order for me to be able serve to as a pure, full body channel for Mother Mary, She worked with me to see and embrace myself as Her beautiful daughter of Light and Love. I had to heal my wounds and let go, with gratitude and love, that which no longer served my heart and soul so I could allow my Divine purpose to manifest. One of these things was my outdated relationship with my sexuality.

Mother Mary helped me to let go of shame and guilt I felt related to my sexuality. She helped me to feel free with and within my own body. She led me to ecstasy and bliss beyond any imagining. She led me to fall in love with myself deeply and powerfully. By releasing that which held me imprisoned, Mother Mary helped me to see, really see, feel, and experience, that I AM ONE WITH GOD – as ARE YOU. This is the gift of sacred sexuality, and to me that is the most amazing, awesome, brilliant GIFT EVER!

Opportunities For You

As Mother Mary’s pure, full-body channel, I serve Her and Her Unconditional Love for all of Her beloved children. Her message to you is this: It is time, beloved one, to truly know that YOU ARE DIVINE and to live, as much as you can, in the fullness of your being on this beautiful Earth. Your renewed relationship with your sacred sexuality may bring you the freedom and joy of being that you are looking for.

Feel in your heart if this resonates with you. If you would like to explore options for working with Divine Mother Mary, as She comes through me, to help you wherever you are on your path, please visit

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