Meditation to Connect with Mother Earth

Branka ValcicMeditations

In this beautiful meditation Mother Mary helps you to connect deeply with Mother Earth, to feel the love and to remember the ancient bond between you.

Meditation to Connect with Mother Earth was given to Mother Mary’s Circle of Love for a ritual to honor Mother Earth in August 2019. Mother Mary told the Circle then, and this still stands:

Beloved Mother Earth, or Mother Gaia, has been providing for and sustaining life on Earth for a very long time. She and you are undergoing a tremendous period of change. I wish to honor the change you are going through and bring you closer together. I wish for your hearts to open so wide that you are capable of feeling the depth of Mother Gaia’s love for you.

At the same time, I wish for you to truly take in how your love for Mother Gaia is an important component for healing and change in your world today. I ask you to hold onto this love and know that you are very much honored for it.

Mother Mary

Enjoy and share!