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Are you longing for an online writing group in which you can feel free to express yourself in whichever way suits you? Do you feel a need for a place where you feel understood, connected and supported? Are you interested in getting to know yourself and to hear the voice of your inner guidance? Would you like to live more authentically, more free, more aligned with your own heart?

Join our growing online writing community, a unique online writing group experience called Online Writing Circles.

What are Writing Circles?

Writing Circles are a place where you are supported, safe, and free to edit your story, not by crossing what you have already written, but by continuing to write, regardless of what is coming, and in this way truly, authentically connecting to yourself and others. They are a place to grow, heal, and eventually learn to recognize the voice of your own inner guidance.

Writing circles, in short, are a place where magic happens!

Why do I love Writing Circles?

I love writing circles. Period.

Really, though, I love them because they work!

My story

Years ago, when I was in the dumps, I felt the need to pour my thoughts and feelings onto paper. I filled notebook after notebook and, as time went on, I learned to recognize patterns in my thoughts and feelings. Amidst all the thoughts, when I was able to play a very close attention, I could hear a gentle, soft voice that was supportive of me, that understood me, encouraged me to follow my dreams, and wrapped me in love.

Through this writing process, I have discovered the voice of my heart! I have chiseled a layer after layer of rough stone, to find the jewel that has always lied within.

That was so AWESOME that I had to share it with others.

For more than two years now, supported by the amazing staff in my neighborhood’s public library, I have been leading a Writing Circle called Coprnicje Pero – The Witch’s Feather, calling on the magic of the ‘feather’ in our hands to lead us to our innate wisdom, the wisdom of our hearts. This fulfilling experience opened a way for me to lead and spread these types of Writing Circles further, from various parks of Zagreb, to the Women’s Red Tent at a Yoga Festival in Austria, and eventually to the World Wide Web, which brings me to the Online Writing Circles.

Online Writing Circles

Online Writing Circles that I lead offer us a way to connect without living in the same place. Even though we do not sit in the same room or park, we are still a community, supporting each other and sharing in each other’s growth. Online Writing Circles are a magical journey, allowing you to experience the full power of the Writing Circle, no matter where you are.

If you are feeling drawn to this experience, visit my program’s page Writing Circles and sign up for your session.


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