How to Serve the Divine Feminine

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This is a slightly modified transcript of my Living with Mary Podcast episode “How to Serve the Divine Feminine”. Listen to the episode here:



Today’s episode is inspired by a question from a beloved listener. I took her question to Mother Mary, listened, and recorded the answer. I also asked Mary about Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine because I feel there is quite a bit of confusion on the subject. So, here is what Mary said: 


”Beloved ones, your mind is seeking to understand, categorize, define and place these concepts into a recognizable form. Thus I will explain them in a way that human mind can most easily understand. Please know, however, that there are many layers to what is being asked and to my answers, so do not get hung up on particular words or definitions. What I am sharing with you is a story, a conceptual framework that is helpful but not definitive. I am, however, placing within my words specific energies that will help each of you listening understand these concepts in the way it will be most beneficial for you and those you are and will come in contact with.  


What is Divine Feminine and what is Divine Masculine? 


These are energies and consciousness that you may perceive as certain characteristics that you are learning to embody. In fact, you are not learning as much as you are remembering.  


You can think of Divine Feminine as nourishing, nurturing, flowing, being. It is also protective, wild, untamable. It is cyclical, life-giving, life-sustaining, and life-supporting. Divine Masculine is heart-connected action and direction. It is also protective and devoted to Divine Feminine. It is nourished by the Divine Feminine and the two work together in sacred union to birth & create, nourish and sustain, build, destroy and rebuild, to let go and to hold on.  


Divine Feminine is not the same as feminine, woman, female, nor is Divine Masculine masculine, man, male. It is not that there has been Divine Masculine on Earth and now it needs to be balanced by Divine Feminine. What has been for thousands of years is a perceived disconnect from Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, which brought unbalance, fear, lack of feeling of connection, of support. There has been action without connection to the heart, there has been creation without checking in with the Spirit. There has been protection but not of the heart, nature, and what gives and sustains life. There has been destruction, but not of that which does not serve the heart. There has been devotion out of fear instead of love. There has been imprisonment and cutting off.  


And I say perceived disconnect from Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine because the truth is that you can never truly be disconnected from the Divine because this is your essence. Please do not think, however, that what has been was bad and what is coming is good (or vice versa for some of you). Divine Feminine and Masculine are not good and what you have been doing is not bad. What has been was a cycle in your evolution – tunnel through which you have been passing and within which you have forgotten your Divine heritage, your essence, who you are and where you come from. This too has a reason why. 


Now the tides are shifting and you are remembering. And what is first being remembered is the Divine Feminine. This is because you need to remember, embody and bring into your life nurture, support, connection to all beings. You need to open your hearts to unconditional love to yourself and to one another. Then you will be able to support the Divine Masculine – the doer, the action-taker, action that is rooted in connection and nourishment of the Divine Feminine. 


Divine Feminine is also about letting go of what no longer serves the heart thus initiating and supporting the great change and shift on your planet and within each of you.  


This awakening is not gender-related. Each of you in your essence has both energies of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.  And all of you are being called to embody the Divine Feminine now so that you can sustain and nourish the Divine Masculine to create and rebuild together.  


You may think of me as an archetype of Divine Feminine, and I am that. However, remember also that I am one who in my human form merged Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine to create and give birth to Christ consciousness, which is oneness consciousness in a human form.  


You may think of Jesus as an archetype of Divine Masculine, yet he too had perfectly balanced Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in Sacred Oneness. Because you see, there is no division and in oneness consciousness you know this is so.  


Still, I am here to help you remember and embody the Divine Feminine so you can support the Divine Masculine, just like I have done as Mary on Earth. And you need to fist do this within yourself and then help each other.  


So, what can you do to serve Divine Feminine? 


A beautiful question from my beloved daughter. My answer first is for all of you and it is this: 


Open your heart to love.  


No divisions, no camps, no sides. 


You are all connected.  


You all come from the same Source, carrying the Divine essence who you are. 


You also human, having thus been co-created by your Spirit and Mother Earth.  


To serve the Divine Feminine please remember your connection to Earth and to Spirit and keep merging the two, remembering they are not separate.  


Second, and this is for you my beloved one who asked the question, but also for all with whom the answer will resonate: 


There is much within your womb space that wishes to be expressed in the world, in your life. A strong creative force that yearns to be free. To step into your power as an embodiment of Divine Feminine you are being called to let go of the past through embracing what was and freeing yourself to be who you are. Not what someone tells you or has told you, but who you are! 


You have a longing within you. Listen to it. Feel it. Let it grow. Let yourself explore this longing and give it space. Breathe. Dance. Bring Earth and Spirit together into your consciousness. Follow your heart. Use your wisdom.  


You are on your way to embody more of the Divine Feminine and you need to give it space. By embodying the qualities of the Divine Feminine – in your own way (not mine or anyone else’s), you are serving the Divine Feminine. 


By healing your womb space and lifting yourself to be free, you are serving the Divine Feminine. 


Fear not, my beloved that you will somehow fail. That is impossible. Listen and feel my message to you and simply do the next step that is right in front of you. Yes, that one! 


Know you are infinitely loved exactly how you are and that you are doing beautifully. 


Thank you for your question, beloved one. 


You are all my children and I am here with you. I have always been with you. Let go of all that binds me not because of me but because by doing so you are letting yourself be free. Let yourself discover me and in the process you will discover yourself, and vice versa. As you discover yourself you will discover me. I am Mother Mary, your Divine Mother, calling you Home to remember the Great Love that you ARE. And to courageously and tenderly, at your own pace bring more and more of it into your life on Earth. 


That is how you ultimately serve the Divine Feminine.” 


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