How to Empower Yourself through Self-Healing

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How to empower yourself through self-healing

What is Self-Healing?

Healing is a word that has come to mean many things. When I use the word healing I use it in the way my beloved spirit mentor Mother Mary has taught me and that resonates with me. In this way, I am really talking about self-healing.

SELF-HEALING is TRANSFORMATION of that which no longer serves you into that which does.

The important part of healing defined in this way is that it doesn’t in any way imply that you need to be fixed, because you don’t, or that someone else needs to do it for you, because they can’t!

Three Postulates of Self-Healing 

1. You are a beautiful, cherished Divine being on a personal transformation journey of self-realization.

2. You have all the power to self-heal i.e. transform what you need to transform at any given moment.

3. It is all right, and in fact, an important part of your journey, to realize when you need someone else’s support and then ask for it (note that this is in no way the same as giving away your power to someone else).

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How to Empower Yourself through Self-Healing?

Take Responsibility

Everything always changes, whether we want it or not. We can choose to be conscious of this change and take responsibility for our healing or be tossed around by our unconscious and subconscious, feeling helpless to do anything about our situation. It is our choice. When we take responsibility for our healing, we empower ourselves. This doesn’t mean that we do it all alone, but that we have a choice to expand our consciousness and know that we have far greater strength within ourselves than we are aware of most of the time. Think of all that you have been through, and you are still here! You can make choices that empower you, and you can learn from all situations that occur in your life, becoming even more conscious in the process.

Ask for Help

As we heal, we don’t have to do it all alone. We can open ourselves to receive support. This support can come in many different ways. Most often it will come from someone who has gone through a similar process. Also, it will come from someone who is simply there to listen without any judgment. Increasingly, many of us are also becoming aware of our communities in Spirit, who are always here to help us. When we ask any of our Spirit helpers for help, let go of expectations and stay open, help comes in unexpected and amazing ways.

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Know that it’s a Process

Self-healing takes you deep and there are certainly challenges. There are times when you feel you have not moved from the spot, in fact, when you feel you are in a bigger mess than before. This is all normal, and part of the process. Remember that you are letting go of what no longer serves you, which has been with you and served you for a long time, and transforming it into that which your heart, soul, and spirit desire now. All of who you are and all your experiences have brought you to where you are now. Choices you are making now are shaping your experiences to come. Through your conscious participation in your own healing, you have the power to choose what these experiences could be like.

Be Kind and Patient with Yourself

Self-healing takes time. It brings to the surface many things about yourself that you may perhaps not want to see. Practicing self-love and self-care are inherent parts of self-healing. Being kind and patient with oneself is something that doesn’t come naturally to most of us, so it serves us well to establish practices that will help us on this path. Choose practices for self-love and self-care that resonate with you. Nurture yourself in any way you can. Allow yourself to feel however you feel. Do small or big things to honor yourself for being who you are, and open your heart to yourself as though you were a small child needing comfort and support. This will nourish your whole being, and allow you to keep going on this path.

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Understand the Bigger Picture

All people on this planet are here to learn and grow. In the bigger picture, we are all Divine beings, intricately connected with each other and with everything else in the Universe. Part of our growth is to realize our Divine beauty and power, and merge our humanity with our Divinity to know that it is all ONE. What this means is that we work to unite our body, mind, and spirit through self-love and honoring of all of who we are, and all of our experiences, as unique expressions of Life. Then, our hearts open like most beautiful flowers, allowing us to live a more authentic and expanded life. Although, we learn and grow throughout our whole life, the intense self-healing period at some point gives way to cherishing our being and the precious life we are living right here, right now, with all that surrounds us.

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