Honoring Our Boats

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Gratitude to Boats

I wish to extend gratitude to all the boats around the world. They are our vessels into the nurturing, supportive, powerful, beautiful, magical realm of the sea. Like the sea, boats also have a very supportive energy. Boats help us experience the sea in new ways. Boats help us fulfill our dreams, feed our soul, and answer the call of the sea!

Princess, you are in my heart!

My boat likes to be called Princess (not her official name).

Here is why:

“Princess is a girl who is sweet, kind, smart, goofy, intelligent, beautiful and an amazing friend to have. She will always be there for you and help you out with your problems and will never judge you. She is also bold and brave. A very special girl with a fine body and beautiful personality.” – Urban Dictionary

Yes, that’s my boat! Hat down to you, my Princess!

And hat down to all the boats around the world!

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PS The time is drawing near for The Sea Goddesses Program August 2018 Immersion. Princess and I are very excited!


Photo credit: Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash


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