Everything Is Here to Love You with Whitney Freya

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Everything Is Here to Love You with Whitney Freya


This interview is a glittering bundle of joy and a deep dive into the Divine Feminine and her many hues. Whitney Freya, a modern day mystic, artist, inspired living expert and author, teaches at the canvas how to be in love: how to love yourself and the painting unconditionally, how to receive the subtle intuitive guidance, and how to connect to the most authentic personal expression.


Whitney Freya shares with us her beautiful wisdom and experience as we explore: the old and new stories around creativity, how to find joy in the midst of darkest moments, what our purpose on Earth, and much more. We learn about how the Divine Feminine helped Whitney to claim her power back during and after her divorce, and she takes us on a sweet journey to Spain to meet Mother Mary as she met her there.


Whitney Freya is a vessel through which Divine Love pours and this is palpable throughout this inspiring and buzzing conversation. Jump into the magic and soak it in!


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“You are being called to explore how to be and immerse yourself in, create and radiate more love in your life … Love is the only real thing … and it is taught to us through the energy, the vibration of Mother Mary…” – Whitney Freya in Everything Is Here to Love You


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