Enjoying the Writing Process

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Would you like to do what you love and share it with the world?

If you love writing there is nothing stopping you from expressing yourself through a written word, and enjoying the writing process too. Yes, there are old beliefs, but let’s break out of a couple of them here and now.

  • First, we don’t need to suffer to write. Period.
  • Second, we don’t need a vast amount of time or space where we can be alone. We have ten minutes? Great! No matter where we are, no matter who is around us.

What is important is actually doing it. Putting pen to paper and writing no matter what.

We don’t need to know where our writing is going to take us. We can simply let go and enjoy the writing process.

Discovering your own writing process

Everyone discovers their own writing process, and for each of us, our process changes too.

For me, one of my greatest joys of writing is writing from within the scene.

For example, if I want to write about a character who sits on a white limestone shore, thinking, in the middle of a summer’s day, looking at the turquoise sea spreading in front of her, and the cicadas singing full blast from the macchia behind her, I must touch the stone, feel the hot air around me, see the shimmering sea, smell the scent of the macchia, and hear the cicadas. I must feel what she feels, think what she thinks. In my minds’s eye, I need to be there fully. It doesn’t even need to be somewhere I’ve actually been. It’s important that I engage all my senses, all of me, into being there.

Once I am completely immersed into the scene I let my pen fly, bringing the scene out of my imagination and onto the paper.

No pushing, no straining. Simply enjoying the flow.

Go for it

If this resonates with you, give it a try. You’ll be surprised by just how good it feels and how satisfied you will be with the results, and how you won’t need to sit over a blank piece of paper for hours or days on end, pondering where your inspiration has gone.








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