Dialogue Between My Inner Writer and Me

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My Inner Writer to Me:

I love you. You are an amazing being who can help me express myself. I have so much to say and I need you to say these things. I have no fear, no limit. I am the Goddess within you. You give me a body so I can experience bodily life. So I can cry, hope, love. I am love, but I need you to be able to love. Out of this love comes everything. Allow me to flow and I will flow through your hand onto the paper. What comes out will glow. I am glow, but I need you to be able to glow. I need you to harness me with words and capture my essence on paper.

Me to my Inner Writer:

You are nuts. You ask too much. I cannot give you this trust that you are seeking. I am a being confined by my body. I cannot love you the way you love me. I am scared. I worry. I don’t have what it takes.

My Inner Writer to Me:

You don’t need to have what it takes. You are what it takes. You have hands. You write. If you just let yourself trust me, together we can achieve what you may call unimaginable but what I already know is there. Let me hold your hand while you extend yours into the unknown trusting that you have been made to write.

Me to my Inner Writer:

You almost convinced me, but I still think you are nuts. You make it sound so simple. Have you been reading Julia Cameron?

I want to believe you. I want to trust you. I really do. But something is stopping me from doing so. Help?

My Inner Writer to Me:

Close your eyes. Be aware of sounds around you, of the breeze upon your face. Look inward. More deeply now. What do you ‘hear’ at the place of stillness?

Me to my Inner Writer:

Let me ‘listen’… Wait a moment… I don’t hear! I know. For one fraction of a moment, I know. You are within me. You are me.

I cannot promise that I will be able to ‘hear’ you always. But I can promise to try. To try by not trying. To try by not standing in the way, by letting both of us just be so that we can do what we do best… simply write.

4 Comments on “Dialogue Between My Inner Writer and Me”

  1. So glad you decided to listen to your inner writer and start your blog. I am looking forward to reading more of your musings and inspirational writing.

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