Bewitched by Gardening

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I promised myself I wouldn’t plant anything this spring. So, what happened? The only explanation is that I got bewitched. Because who would want to plant something after spending a good portion of the fall fighting snails, mending calloused hands and aching back only to not actually be home to harvest most of the produce?! Yes, we ate some beautiful … Read More

Awestruck by Spring

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I used to live in Scotland and the problem with Scotland is that it doesn’t see much sun. Duh! Living now on an island in the Croatian Adriatic I am awestruck at the existence of a real, honest to God, sun shining Spring. The Sun has been shining for days now. I soak it in. The island is waking up. … Read More


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A few months ago I sat next to a tree and leaned my back on its smooth bark. From the top of my head, down my spine, and into the ground a long, violent shiver traveled. Tears sprung out of my eyes and I shook uncontrollably. Then with all its might, I felt the tree behind me, its roots became … Read More


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I have always been in love with the sea. This is probably largely related to the many summers I spent with my parents and extended family on a small island in the Croatian Adriatic. There was no electricity or running water on the island. We washed our hair in the sea and drank rainwater collected in a tank during the … Read More

Joy of Gardening

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When I was a little girl, I used to spend summers with my grandparents in a little cottage in the countryside of Croatia. The cottage, though nothing more than a room in which my sister, our grandparents and I slept toasty under down duvets for nights were chilly in the countryside, and a kitchen in the cellar, in which I … Read More

I am a novelist!

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After what feels like an epic journey… After 28 days of literary abandon… I wrote THE END at the end of my novel reaching thus 50051 words! I am overwhelmed with joy and pride. Branka Valcic, NaNoWriMo 2012 winner – yay!   PS Later I threw away all that I wrote during this NaNoWriMo journey, except the idea of a … Read More

You are a woman!

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Olives have been picked. Next stop: uljarnica! Uljarnica is an olive processing facility and in many of the Croatian Adriatic island villages it is the most prominent building in the village. During the olive picking and processing season uljarnica is the epicenter of village activity. Ever since it has opened its doors this season (and it has been open almost … Read More

Olives Are Gold

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As I struggle to meet my National Novel Writing Month (a.k.a. NaNoWriMo) targets (and am terribly behind), a fever engulfs the small island in the Croatian Adriatic Sea I currently live on. The fever of the olive-picking season. It is the one time in the year when all hands are on deck. Depending on how many olive trees one has, … Read More

Celebrating Life

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“If you need to get news about you dying [every moment of your life] from someone else, how firmly planted in the life are you?” ~Stephen Jenkinson The mind imagines that it has time. Snap out of it mind! Do you really need to be surprised when you finally realize that time has passed? Each moment of this deception is … Read More

Dialogue Between My Inner Writer and Me

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My Inner Writer to Me: I love you. You are an amazing being who can help me express myself. I have so much to say and I need you to say these things. I have no fear, no limit. I am the Goddess within you. You give me a body so I can experience bodily life. So I can cry, … Read More