Awestruck by Spring

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I used to live in Scotland and the problem with Scotland is that it doesn’t see much sun. Duh! Living now on an island in the Croatian Adriatic I am awestruck at the existence of a real, honest to God, sun shining Spring.

The Sun has been shining for days now. I soak it in.

The island is waking up. Trees are blooming. I inhale deeply.

The Sun’s rays play on the sea’s surface. It is inviting. I jump in. (Yes, in a wetsuit – the sea is 11 degrees C after all).

A white tablecloth sways gently in the breeze. Lunch is set on a sunlit terrace. I sit down. I smile. I eat.

What can be better than a life full of sunshine?

2 Comments on “Awestruck by Spring”

  1. Indeed – what could be better than a life full of sunshine? As one who lives on the mostly rainy west coast of Scotland I have to try to find the sunshine in people rather than the weather 🙂 Thank you though for the mental images of sunlit terraces and eating outdoors – roll on our few sunny summery days 🙂

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