Allow Yourself to Feel

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Allow yourself to feel whatever it is that you feel. There is a lot of focus today on staying positive and in the good vibes, and while that is great, it may make us feel wrong when we are not feeling that way.

Feelings come and go, they are not good or bad, they just are. So it is not about staying positive, it is really about being present with what is. There is nothing wrong with us when we are feeling sad, angry, frustrated, or whatever it is that we are feeling! Feelings are a part of human experience. Being honest with ourselves about how we are feeling, especially when we feel that we should really be feeling something else, allows things to shift so that instead of being tormented because there is something wrong with us, we allow ourselves to be more in the flow of our life.

From that place of more ease, we can then consciously choose to use the emotions we’d rather not have in a productive way. For example, we can use our anger to propel us forward in taking that next step we are afraid to take, or to make a stance for something we care about, or to create that piece of art, or go for a run. We can use our sadness to nurture ourselves, to share with someone about how we feel, to open our hearts to others, to be kind, make a difference in our life and lives of others, or to just simply be with ourselves…

It is not always easy feeling what we feel. Whatever you are feeling, please know that you are not alone. For every feeling you are feeling there are millions out there feeling the way you do. They may not be saying it, or admitting it to themselves, but they are feeling it. This doesn’t take away your challenge, but it may allow some of that ease to flow into your life.

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