5 Meditations for Sea Goddess Transformation Journey

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5 Meditations for Sea Goddess Transformation Journey

Can’t go to the sea? Bring the sea to you with these five beautiful, powerful sea goddess meditations. On the seaside or at sea? Deepen your connection with the sea goddess within and outside. Anytime, anywhere you are in for a nourishing and empowering sea goddess transformation journey!

You may also be interested in the Sea Goddesses Program’s Virtual Sea Goddess Journey 2020! I am specifically adapting the original Sea Goddesses Journey for you during the covid-19 pandemics time. It will be for women and men, as are these meditations. If you are interested send me an email to seagoddesss@brankavalcic.com.

Sea goddess is now calling all beings who wish to connect with her.

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The Sea Goddess Energies

The sea goddess is part of the Divine Feminine. Her energies are nourishing and empowering at the same time and her love knows no boundaries. When you connect to the sea goddess within, you open yourself to new levels of self-love. You also empower yourself to co-create freely and authentically, and experience living in the flow of life.

The Sea Embodies the Sea Goddess Energies

Mysterious, beautiful, powerful, endless, gentle, nurturing, wild, strong, miraculous, sparkling, playful, deep, dark, light, embracing, renewing, free, full of life, changing…

The sea goddess can bring in us the courage to let go of what no longer serves, and embrace that which empowers us to embody the sea goddess qualities we desire. What may these be for you?

What qualities of the sea – sea goddess energies, do you already embody, and which ones would you like to embody?

Your Sea Goddess Transformation Journey

Your personal sea goddess transformation journey may have started a long time ago, or you may (consciously) just be starting on this path. Either way, this transformative, self-healing experience is an ongoing one. Meditations I offer here are a way to embody more of the sea goddess energies, without the need to be in the physical presence of the sea.

Boost Your Transformation

To help you along your sea goddess transformation journey, I am offering you a private session with me (over a videoconference). It will be your time to dive even deeper into yourself and connect with the sea goddess within and bring her through into your body and life. This is an amazing opportunity for you to embrace the amazingness of who you are. Simply email me at seagoddesss@brankavalcic.com. I am excited to support you!


Right now through these sea goddess meditations you can shift into a different state of consciousness and harness the gifts of some pretty amazing nourishing and empowering energies. Each meditation brings you a slightly different sea goddess energy, and each is a gift of self-love and self-care for your whole being. Although each sea goddess meditation is a stand alone, together they can support a very amazing transformative experience for you. No meditation experience is necessary. Thorough guidance can be found below.

Sea Goddess Meditation - NourishmentMeditation 1 – Nourishment

Connect with the sea and feel protected and nourished

This meditation takes you into the loving arms of the sea. Relax and allow yourself to be nourished in this sweet embrace.


Sea Goddess Meditation - AwakeningMeditation 2 – Awakening

Awaken the sea goddess within

This meditation takes you on an expansive journey to awaken the sea goddess within you. Allow yourself to feel your expansion.


Sea Goddess Meditation - Playfulness Meditation 3 – Playfulness

Connect with your curiosity

This meditation is a bubbling, sparkling, expansive bundle of joy! Let your playful self take you on a journey of seeing the world through her eyes.


Sea Goddess Meditation - PowerMeditation 4 – Power

Feel your sea goddess power

This meditation packs quite a punch!  It is an amazing, powerful journey to feel your sea goddess power! Are you ready?


Sea Goddess Meditation - HeartMeditation 5 – Heart

Open your heart with Mother Mary

This is a gentle, yet powerful meditation to open your heart and allow love to spread in beautiful, healing waves, throughout your entire body.


How to Receive the Most Benefits on this Transformation Journey

To harness the most benefits, I offer two ways of going through this personal sea goddess transformation journey, when going through it for the first time.

Intensive three-week transformation

Do one meditation per day in the given order. Then do one meditation per day, in any order you want. Repeat in the order given, then in any order you want, for a total of three weeks (20 days).

More relaxed five-week transformation

Give yourself a week with each meditation, doing it three to four times during the week, for a total of five weeks.

Before You Start and Journaling

Before starting I suggest you spend some time journaling about what sea goddess means to you. Observe which of the sea goddess energies you already embody and which you’d like to embody then ask the sea goddess for steps to take to do this. She will guide you, if you open yourself to listening. Her guidance will always be full of love, always a suggestion rather than an order, and it will have a quality that will resonate with your heart so that you will feel good and joyful about it.

While doing these sea goddess meditations keep a journal, preferably every day. Focus on writing about the meditation experiences, and also on changes you are noticing in yourself, and perhaps at some point even in your life, as you go through this personal transformation journey.

Some Questions to Guide Your Journaling

What happens during the meditation? How do you feel during and after the meditation? How does it differ when doing it the second, third (and fourth) time? In which way are your experiences with the different meditations different for you?

What thoughts, emotions, feelings, and situations are coming up for you during the day? Which life situations or choices are becoming easier for you? What changes, if any, are you noticing in your body? How is your awareness of yourself changing?

Living from Your Heart

Mother Mary, my beloved spiritual mentor, says that the journey of a sea goddess is a journey into the heart. In these meditations She supports you as you journey into yours. The beauty, wisdom, love, and power of your heart are already yours – all you need to do is remember them and then allow them into your life.

Let me know how you are doing

Send me an email to let me know how you are doing at seagoddesses@brankavalcic.com. I am looking forward to hearing from you and supporting you on your journey!


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