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Unconditional Divine Love

I live in the urban jungle of Zagreb, Croatia during winter and aboard my sailing vessel in the Adriatic during summer. I love to run barefoot through the forest. I love magic, faeries, and nature spirits. I love to dance. I love to dive into the sea from my boat. I love to eat. I love to laugh. I love to commune with the Spirit. I love to celebrate life in all its shapes and forms. I love authenticity, courage, honesty, and being present with what is. I love meeting people and journeying with them upon this beautiful Earth.

I am here to feel, live, share, and co-create from unconditional Divine love, in Divine partnership with Divine Mother Mary. I weave Her love and co-create with Her in all areas of my life. I also serve as Her full body channel/embodiment to share in a focused way Her love, grace, healing, wisdom, and empowerment.

I am here to embrace my power and support others in embracing theirs. I am here to love and nourish myself deeply and tenderly and help others do so. I am here to create a life of joy and abundance and share it with others. I am here to heal my wounds and help others heal theirs. I am here to realize the amazing Being of Love and Light that I am and help others do so. I am here to live from my heart fully with no apologies!



Weaving My Pleat of Offerings

Through my own journey, both outer and inner, I have traveled far and wide, deep and high, and all my experiences have brought me to where I am now. I have lived in Croatia, Alaska, Oregon, Scotland... in a city, on an island, in the forest, on a sailing boat... I worked in academia (I hold a PhD in Environmental and Resource Economics) and as a yoga instructor (I am a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor). As a skipper I have sailed the seas for more than twenty years. I am an author. I am a wife and a mother.

Over the years, my journey has taken me deeper and deeper into my heart, which also meant letting go of all that no longer served my heart. I met amazing people, who helped me on this path. I am deeply grateful to all of them for being a part of my journey. I honor my teachers and mentors Hari Bans Kaur, Nirmal Singh, Shiv Charan Singh, Suzannah and Ya'Acov Darling Khan, and Christina Maria Kramer. I am overjoyed with my community in the Spirit, whose love and support is a constant presence in my life. And I bow, over and over again, to my beloved Divine Mother Mary! Wow!

Following the amazing power of my Spirit, and with all this fantastic support, I weave my pleat of offerings to the world. I combine the wisdom of my heart, compassion, strength and courage garnered through my experiences, with my inner child's curiosity, joy, and contagious love for all life. I offer authentic, deep, rich, powerful, transformative experiences to help people embrace their greatness through unconditional Divine love. I lead amazing Sea Goddesses Journeys, facilitate co-creation of the Sea Goddesses Sisterhood, offer Mentorship Program with Divine Mother Mary, and facilitate Mother Mary's Circle of Love.

If you are here reading my words, there is a reason. Feel free to connect with me to see how I may support you on your journey!


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