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Creator of Magical Experiences

Hello! Let me tell you a bit about myself... I live in the urban jungle of Zagreb, Croatia during winter and aboard my sailing vessel in the Adriatic during summer. Before this, I lived in Alaska, Oregon, Scotland... in a city, on an island, in the forest, on a sailing boat...

My days are filled with the magic of living with my husband, our son, and two dogs... There are also the sweet magical moments I spend with myself... running barefoot through the forest, dancing, meditating, writing, swimming in the sea, roaming the islands... And there is my community in the Spirit: unicorns, fairies, dragons, nature spirits, my mentor Mother Mary... in whose company I delight, bringing their energies to Earth.

Some of the offerings from my creative cauldron are my two novels The Lady of the Sea and Dragon's Love, and magical, powerful, beautiful sea goddess journeys on my boat in the Adriatic. I also offer magical guided meditations. In all of these, I combine the wisdom of my heart, compassion, strength, and courage garnered through my experiences, with my inner child's curiosity, joy, and contagious love for all life.


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