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Self-Love & Empowerment

I live in the urban jungle of Zagreb, Croatia during winter and aboard my sailing vessel in the Adriatic during summer. I love to run barefoot through the forest. I love magic, faeries, and nature spirits. I love to dance. I love to dive into the sea from my boat. I love to eat. I love to laugh. I love to commune with the Spirit. I love to celebrate life in all its shapes and forms. I love authenticity, courage, honesty, and being present with what is. I love meeting people and journeying with them upon this beautiful Earth.

I am here to welcome, honor, and help anchor more of the Divine Feminine in support of the balance of Divine Feminine and Masculine on this beautiful Earth. Divine Feminine is powerful, strong and nourishing. I am here to embrace my power and support others in embracing theirs. I am here to love and nourish myself deeply and tenderly and help others do so. I am here to create a life of joy and abundance and share it with others.


My Path of Self-Love & Empowerment

Through my own journey, both outer and inner, I have traveled far and wide, deep and high, and all my experiences have brought me to where I am now. I have lived in Croatia, Alaska, Oregon, Scotland... in a city, on an island, in the forest, on a sailing boat... I worked in academia and as a yoga instructor. As a skipper I have sailed the sea for more than twenty years. I am an author. I am a wife and a mother.

Over the last few years, my journey has taken me deeper and deeper into my heart. I met amazing people who helped me on my path. The last year and a half I have been learning from and healing with Mother Mary channeled by Christina Maria Kramer, an acclaimed healer, spiritual counselor and embodiment for Mother Mary. As I healed my heart and learned to listen it, I allowed more of my soul gifts to shine forth.

I have a gift of co-creating experiences that have the power to awaken and nurture your self-love and support your heart-based empowerment. I am also blessed with gifts of intuitive healing and stories medicine. All of these gifts are ignited by the amazing power of my love. It is my honor to help you heal and grow, in a way that works for you, to remember the amazing being of love and light that you are.

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