About Me

A weaver of stories. A teacher. A sailor.

I live in the urban jungle of Zagreb, Croatia during winter and aboard my sailing vessel in the Adriatic during summer. I love to run barefoot through the forest. I love life in all its shapes and colors. My life is enriched by all the beings I meet on my journey upon this beautiful Earth.

In order to experience the full richness and texture of my life, I have placed upon my path a varied set of experiences, and a conviction somewhere deep inside that no matter what these experiences are, I am here to learn from them and to share what I have learned with others.

I love the Earth deeply

It is in my connection with the Earth that I come most alive; whether it is when I cut vegetables for soup, marvel at dew on grass, smell the poignant soil, run through the forest barefoot, or when I am feeling the endless wonder of the sea around me.

I love magic, fairies, and nature spirits. I love people too. In all their glory, in all their emotions, thoughts, and deeds, no matter what they are. It hasn’t always been like this. It was a road I traveled, and still do, of learning to love myself, that brought me to be able to love all the other people too. The continuous road of traveling deep within, accepting my shadow as one of my greatest teachers, opening my heart and learning to live in my truth as a being of light and love and seeing others in the same way.

I am at a place now where I am able to share the healing and the love of the Divine Mother, and this fills me with great joy.

If you are here reading my words, there is a reason. Whatever the reason is, I welcome you and I bow to your courage to find yourself in the new waters of life, willing to give yourself a chance - in whichever way suits you.

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