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Branka Valcic PhD

Spiritual & sexual awakening,
transformation and EMPOWERMENT

Welcome to a sacred space for spiritual and sexual awakening, deep healing, transformation, and empowerment! I am a full-body channel, voice and messenger for Divine Mother Mary. I work with Her to help You remember your Divinity and walk this Earth as a fully empowered, amazing Being who you are!

Transform your life through the power of Divine Love that exists within you. Let go of shame and guilt you feel about your body and your sexuality, feel the ecstasy of living in a body freely, enjoy the preciousness of life on Earth fully, and share your gifts with others courageously. I am excited that you are here and I look forward to journeying with you!

Journey to Rediscover

Mother Mary

Time with Mary

This is a sweet and powerful channeling of Mother Mary to help you feel Her love, and through this to open your heart to yourself and your love and to truly know that you are one with ALL. You’ll want to be sitting or laying down for this one as Mary takes you deep, high, and wide into that which She knows your heart truly longs for. So, get ready, kick back and enjoy your time with Mary! 

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Changing the Story

There is a different story about Mother Mary that has been hidden for centuries... the story of a Goddess embodiment with ancient powers and knowledge of bringing together Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies to birth Christ consciousness in a human body. I am excited to share what I have experienced and what Mary has shared with me.  

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Temple of the Rose

Temple of the Rose is an etheric temple of Rose Love. Through this love, Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine merge into Sacred Oneness. This is the spiritual lineage of Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Jesus, Grandmother Ana, Isis, Lady Venus, and other beloved mentors. Work with me and the Temple of the Rose mentors to remember Rose Love.  

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Live Channeled Events

Love your body, soothe your mind, open your heart and let your soul thrive on Earth. In this series of bi-weekly healing and empowerment channeled meditations with Mother Mary, you are invited on a personal transformation journey filled with self-love, tenderness, and unconditional love and grace of the Divine Mother.

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Online Courses & Programs

Sexual healing, healing Catholic wounds, letting go of shame and guilt that you may feel related to your body, healing the wounds of men, rediscovering beauty and purity of your sexuality, and blossoming into fullness are just some of the topics of our online courses and programs. Schedule your call with me and let's see what will serve you best!

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Sea Goddesses Journeys

Awaken the Sea Goddess within on a sailing boat in Croatia. Intimacy, pleasure, boat-skills, freedom, strength, confidence, healing, sisterhood, love... joined together in a powerful combination that reflects your greatness. All journeys are co-created with a sisterhood of women aboard, and each is completely supported in love. Let yourself be free to be exactly who you are. Answer the call of your soul to remember your connection to the Sea Goddess and embody more of her amazing energies.

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co-create, feel supported,
be who you are
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through Mother Mary's Circle of Love

Join an amazing, powerful co-creation to bring more LOVE and LIGHT to our beloved Earth and all who live here! Help release old paradigms that keep this world in fear and suffering. Increase power of Divine Feminine to merge with Divine Masculine in Sacred Oneness on Earth! Answer the call of Divine Mother and help co-create a new world where beings live in LOVE AND PEACE!

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the power of love and forgiveness through stories

The Lady Of The Sea

A Novel

On an island steeped with tradition there is one story that has been told for generations: the story of the Lady of the Sea.
Grandma Antica, the village healer, shares the story with Mareta, an island girl whose name means a wave...

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Dragon's Love

A Novel
(Coming Soon)

Dragon’s Love weaves together the magic of dragons with the harsh reality of life on Earth. It is a story of a young dragon called Flame and his beloved human girl called Ana.

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The Lady Of The Sea

A novel

On an island steeped with tradition there is one story that has been told for generations: the story of the Lady of the Sea.

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Dragon's Love

A novel

Dragon’s Love weaves together magic of dragons with the harsh reality of life on Earth. It is a story of a young dragon called Flame and his beloved human girl called Ana.

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with Mother Mary on Youtube
Enjoy channeled videos, meditations, guidance, Mother’s outpouring of support and unconditional love on our youtube channel in Croatian called Rendes s Majkom Marijom.
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Read what others say

about their time with Mary
As soon as Branka started channeling Mother Mary, the energy was strong and palpable. It was a truly magical and wonderful experience. I can't wait for more!
—Sanja Mandic

I found myself in a place of softness, serenity, spaciousness and flow. It was beautiful. It's hard to put into words.

—Ruth Brennan
A deep experience of beautiful energies where healing occurs in the presence of blessed love! I felt a very strong presence of Mother Mary's energy, joy in my heart, gratitude, and love towards nature and all of life. It was very, very deep and incredibly powerful! I bless everything and am so grateful She is with me!
—Sanja Susanj
This was a completely new experience for me. I didn’t know what to expect and what I experienced was exactly what I needed at that moment. A sense of safety and support. I felt a complete relaxation. Feeling of gentleness in my whole body allowed me to surrender. A moment of peace, a moment full of love, insights that heal the heart and the soul. Answers that I needed were within me, and that love showed them to me in the most beautiful and purest way. Deep gratitude to sweet Branka who gifted me this experience with Mother Mary. These moments still last and will last forever because I got to truly know that She is always with me. Especially since I constantly hear Branka’s healing voice and feel both Branka and Mother Mary hugging me. In gratitude, Mirka
—Mirka Dzelebdzic
I was able to partake twice when Branka channeled the beautiful and divine energy of Mother Mary and had the honor of receiving a healing as well. On all three occasions I could feel a powerful yet soft and light energy flood my body. My heart and mind felt at peace and I could feel how the loving compassionate presence of Mother Mary was healing my body and soothing my soul. Every time I felt so grateful that I am alive and acceptance that everything is just the way it’s meant to be. All resistance stopped and I felt embraced by the love of creation. Thank you for connecting us with the energy of source and the loving presence of Mother Mary that is so needed on Earth at this Moment in Time.
—Prakash Gian Kaur