Falling In Love

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Three winters ago, I moved to Zagreb, the place in which I was born and lived the first two decades of my life. To make things, let’s say more interesting, I also moved to the same neighborhood I grew up in. Naturally, I felt like a total failure. Who lives in various places around the world for years and then … Read More


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Last week, I traveled to Bologna. My husband was to attend a conference and Luka, my son, and I joined him with an intention to explore the city. I have never been to Bologna and was quite excited. I had no list of things to do while there, no plans, except to open myself up to the experience. The outer … Read More


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This summer, my husband was away on business for two weeks, which left me in charge of our boat – I was the captain, oh, what glory! I have been sailing the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea with my husband for nineteen years. We’ve sailed in Scotland too. I attended and loved a skipper course off the West Coast … Read More

Stop! Concussion!

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Danger! Sea ahead!

I am whispering this blog into the voice recorder on my phone feeling very glamorous but also very mad because the unruly sentences don’t want to come out as they do out of a pen! Two weeks ago I had a concussion. The way I got it is ridiculous and I’d rather not talk about it, but the hell with … Read More

When Dog Rules

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Luna's Shangri La

When I said my dog wakes me up early (in the post Embracing All Moments) was I thinking as early as midnight? When one went to bed at 10:30 pm after a long day at sea, does midnight count as early or simply as NOT COOL? Yesterday, we anchored in a bay with beautiful sandy bottom that makes the sea … Read More

Embracing All Moments

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Luna staring at the shallow sea

Every morning, my dog wakes me up early. Very early. Unwillingly, I clamber out of bed, pull on my salt-caked shorts and sandals, pack up my bag and head for the dinghy. As I row the half-deflated dinghy from my sailing boat to the shore, Luna the dog balances on its side. She wants to be the first on land, … Read More

Spring Cleaning

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On the island, springtime is when each islander gets his kaic, batela, gajeta, pasara or any other type of traditional subsistence fishing boat out of the water for skver or annual boat maintenance. Boat maintenance on the island is a man’s job. The boat is taken out of the water. At the minimum, it is pressure-washed, sanded, and anti-fouled. It … Read More

Bewitched by Gardening

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I promised myself I wouldn’t plant anything this spring. So, what happened? The only explanation is that I got bewitched. Because who would want to plant something after spending a good portion of the fall fighting snails, mending calloused hands and aching back only to not actually be home to harvest most of the produce?! Yes, we ate some beautiful … Read More